Country Music Wall Quotes

Country Music Wall Quotes

Southern Sassin’ Kinda Girl – Country Music Wall  Quote 22″x15″

Country music has a way of telling a story and delivering fuel for any particular emotion.  Each  of us is drawn to music for a different aspect; for some it’s just the music, for others it’s a combination of both music and lyrics, but for another group, the draw to a song belongs to the lyrics.

Since the route of country  music is the story itself, the lyrics are absolutely what make the song. Whether it’s a comical  Brad Paisley tune or an incredibly reflective piece like ‘Dirt’ by Florida Georgia Line, the truth about life in those lyrics provides the connection.


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As depicted in this country music wall quote, just about anything in life can make it’s way into country lyrics. We’ve had songs in this genre on just about everything you can think of; fish,  dogs, trucks, kids, cheating, divorce, death, living, dying, fighting, break-ups, murders,  Jesus, war, parents, chickens, travel, ghosts, lotteries, parties, friends …. you get the picture, it’s endless!

Proud to be Born Country Poster
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When a country music artist captures the emotion of a life event they capture the listener.  A story that resonates, or hits a heart string will almost always trigger an emotion. As an example, the country music channel is a fascinating trip through life; one minute you’re laughing at a song  about a guy drunk on plane who split with his fiancee and the next moment you’re in tears over the magnificent life story of a family and their connection to each other and their land over a lifetime.

Find the Right Words and the Right Song for the Right Time