what to write in a breakup

What to Write in a Breakup Card

So a Couple you know have called it quits and you want to say something, but you’re not sure exactly what that should be?  It’s understandable; depending upon the person, sometimes humor works, and other times you’re dealing with a sensitive person and situation where saying something a little more serious is called for.

If it’s something funny you’re looking for, don’t miss this page for a list of 51 funny breakup sayings, or you can just keep scanning this page where you’ll find mostly serious things to  write in your card.

15 Ideas of What to Write in a Breakup Card

  1. When I said ‘take a load off’, I didn’t mean remove an entire person from your life! But if that works, glad you’re lighter
  2. In this day an age it’s hard to find the one, but rest assured the right person is waiting for you – now you’re in a position to have them find you; single
  3. It’s hard to believe the relationship had to end, but sometimes people do better apart, and don’t kid yourself, it takes a lot of bravery to change your life like you’ve done – most people are too afraid to leap out of love
  4. The world will look and feel different for a while, but only for a while; soon the scent of a new life and all that’s possible will fill the air and you’ll see things you never noticed before – hold on, you’ll get there
  5. Moving onto another chapter of life takes guts and I’m not surprised that you have a ton of guts – you’re the bravest person I know!
  6. You’re on your own again, and the colors of the world seem temporarily faded; remember it’s only temporary, soon you’ll see the bluest sky you’ve never seen before – the beauty you see will be reflected in you and you’ll attract a lot of new and wonderful people into your life
  7. I know your heart hurts right now, I wish I could erase your pain – It’s not fair that someone so wonderful has to go through so much
  8. You have more strength in you than you know – you are an incredible soul and I’m glad that you now have an opportunity to find a person who can really see that about you
  9. Cry as much as you need to; get it out of your system because you’re much too wonderful of a person to suffer with pain like this – when you get passed this, the world will get to see what it’s been missing for so long – the real and beautiful you
  10. When the road of life seems long and the journey difficult and tough to bear, rest your weary heart on my shoulder for a spell; I’m here for you
  11. Do you know what’s amazing about you…Everything! Don’t let this breakup define you – it’s only one stop along a long and happy road that you deserve more than anyone I know
  12. Crying is like laughing; they both involve facial expressions that contort our muscles to the point that we look stupid! Here’s to faces that only look stupid from laughter!
  13. The pain you’re feeling now will pass, I promise it will – it’s going to take time, but trust me, in twelve months you’ll look back at this time in your life and have to search to remember these feelings
  14. Life is fleeting, and spending it with someone who doesn’t appreciate you isn’t worth doing! I’m so glad you decided to value your time and your life; you deserve a Prince
  15. I hope you can see what the rest of us see; a high quality person with tremendous talent and gifts to offer the ‘right someone’ – We’re so glad you get an opportunity to meet that person now, but we’re here for you while you go through this adjustment

Sometimes a song says it best; Here’s a country song about a past love where both people wonder if, since their breakup, they think of each other – It’s sad, but sometimes goodbyes are necessary for us to become the people we were meant to be:

Here’s a beautiful song by Ms. Carrie Underwood that you can dedicate to a person going through a major life change, including a breakup. The song focuses on the positive side of these changes and how everything we go through may just be there to teach us something; to help us grow:

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