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Country Music Song Lists

A Night of Just Kissing with Country Songs about Kissing

Turn date night into something hot, plan a night of just kissing! You’ll need a playlist, so be sure to include these country songs about kissing.


When You’ve Been Done Wrong, Listen to these Country Songs About Cheaters

You’ve had enough of the lyin’ sack of @#it and need a playlist of country songs about cheaters! Here’s 40+ cheatin’ tunes to start your day off right!


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Hot and Sexy Country Songs

Planning a Night of Romance? If So, Let the Music Complete You When a night of romance or lovin’ is on the agenda, a list of just the right mood-setting songs is in order. Make it easy on yourself; create a playlist of all the songs featured in this list, and be sure to check […]


Country Songs about Best Friends

Find just the right country songs about best friends with these featured list of 4 songs about fun, loyalty and partying! Also included, 10 Additional Songs!


Songs for Him

A Country Song About Being Married Over 50 Years

If you’re celebrating a long marriage, this country song about being married over 50 years is an ideal selection to include in that celebration.


Song for a Couple that Gets Back Together

Your love has been tested multiple times. This gorgeous song for a couple that gets back together empathizes with you; you are ‘fragile’ you are human’.


Country Song about a Lost Summer Love and A Story to Go With It

A country song about a lost summer love that remains untouched and perfect, along with a true story of summer love that remains forever young.


Getting Better – 29 Years of Marriage and Tim McGraw

A country song about getting better by the talented Mr. Tim McGraw. ‘Better Than I Used to Be’, a song about a man who’s ‘cleanin up his act little by little’


Just for Mom

I Won’t Let Go – A Song Dedication

A song dedication. An ideal lyric to dedicate and honor the precious memory of someone passed on. Moving words.


A Country Song About Lessons Learned

Have your mistakes helped to make you the person you are today? If so, ‘Lessons Learned’ by Carrie Underwood is a song you’ll appreciate


Emotional Country Song about a Mom with Cancer

A moving country song about a mom with cancer, ‘and I thought I was tough’, ‘I’ve seen her cry I’ve seen her break but in my eyes she’ll always be strong (lyrics)


Travis Tritt Country Music Trilogy

Emotional Country Music Trilogy by Travis Tritt – Three Music Videos Telling A Compelling Story in Mini Movie Format Three Travis Tritt Hit Songs, Each a Sequel to the Other – Telling a Story Like a Movie Very Best Of Travis Tritt (2 of 3 Triligoy Songs on this Album – Anymore and Tell Me […]


Grandparent Songs

Country Songs about Grandparents

Featured here are a list of powerful and extremely moving country songs about grandparents and aging. Find the right song with the right words for your family.


An Unexpected Gift from a Country Song about Alzheimers

This country song about Alzheimers and dementia is beautifully done. The lyrics of this powerful song by Rascal Flatts give the listener the gift of perspective.


Trouble is You Think You Have Time – Time, A Moving Song by Dean Brody

Yes, the trouble is you think you have time. This reflective tune by Dean Brody will speak to you no matter which stage of life you’re at, listen here…


You Should Be Here – A Country Song for Our Loved Ones Who Watch from Heaven

Cole Swindell Hits a Homerun of the Heart with His Latest Release ‘You Should Be Here’ It does the one thing a true hit song should do, it sneaks up on you, and unwittingly tells your life story. The music matters, but, as always, the words seal the deal. Sitting in my kitchen this morning, […]