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A Country Song about Being Brave – A Gift from The Bear Whisperer

Country Song About Being Brave

Brave by Jamie O’Neal – Download on iTunes

Brave, a Beautiful, Inspirational Song by Jamie O’Neal

Since my father passed away, and in honor of his life, this song is my personal choice message to him.

During the first year of his passing, every month on the 5th, I honored dad with a written message and song dedication. This time I want to send him a message in song that tells him how I’m doing through the words of a country song about being brave.

Missing him…well that’s just become of part of breathing now – (Lyrics) I’ve discovered pain is the beginning to a change

That change: There’s a fierce sense of independence growing inside of me, and I believe that inner strength is being gifted to me by Dad’s whispers from the other side.

(Lyrics) Let the storm rage around me
I will stand, I will fight,
and when the Darkness surrounds me,
I will make my own light
I may not win every battle
But I’ll get stronger with every fear I face
and I’ll be brave

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(Lyrics) I can be courageous and still be so afraid … Just when you think you can’t go on, suddenly there’s a path

We’ve all felt these words. Every one of us at some point has to find within ourselves strength we didn’t know existed.

Strength has been my middle name for well over 30 years, but since Dad’s been gone, the word strength has taken on a new meaning, a truth. It seems I’ve tapped into a deeper level of self. I do wonder if any of you can relate to this? I would describe it as a  ‘knowingness’, almost as though I’ve been gifted a secret, and wrapped inside that secret is what’s always been waiting for me, ‘a purpose’.

I like to visualize my smiling father on the other side, reaching down, picking up and handing to me, that wrapped gift of purpose – the one that’s been sitting there on the table, patiently waiting for me to simply see it, and open it: I was blind and now I see.

There’s no doubt in my mind, that when we are open to receiving, secret gifts are all around us. Faith, love, and hope are more than words, they are a way of life for the willing: Faith to guide our spirit, Love to cleanse our life, and Hope to power our engine, our heart.

(Lyrics) Every time I get back up it gets harder to knock me down, ’cause my soul’s on steady ground

If your own personal journey has been challenging yet somehow you’ve managed to get up each and every time, then you know exactly what the above lyrics speak to. Your bravery is best described in this quote: “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” – Christopher Reeve, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter 1952-2004 

Losing someone who is such an integral part of our identity can hold hidden gifts. I’ve learned it’s when we’re willing to see the sunshine that’s trying desperately to peak through the rain of tears that we smile. Every smile for our loved one, and every laugh we share about their life, and every message we hear in a dream or a thought, is a gift. I hope you receive an abundance of presents from those who have passed on in your life. Most of all, I hope you see the sun, embrace the light, and receive the gift of purpose.

Who is The Bear Whisperer?

My dad’s nickname was ‘Bear’. Saying he was loved by many is putting it mildly, and now I lovingly call him ‘The Bear Whisperer’. I love you, dad, from now and until the end of time, and time never ends. Until we meet again, I hope I make you proud. You deserve that. You’ve given me more in your life than you can possibly know, and I suspect you’re still doing it. Thanks so much for showing me my gift.

About Jamie O’Neal and the Song ‘Brave’

Brave is a song from the Album of the same name released in March 2005. Brave reached number 6 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and 40 on the Billboard 200.

Fans of Jamie O’Neal can follow her on her Website, Facebook & Twitter. Don’t miss another of her beautiful songs Somebody’s Hero.

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  1. A very special message to anyone who has lost someone whose life meant everything to you. I think I have been receiving secret gifts from a couple ‘special someones’ for quite some time. Just sometimes I forget to open my eyes to see the gifts, and open my ears to hear the messages. Thanks for this lovely reminder.

  2. There isn’t anything quite as wonderful than these kind of unexpected gifts is there, and I know what you mean about being open to receiving them (I sometimes forget as well)

  3. We think alike, Barbara!

  4. Cynthia says:

    A beautiful tribute Barbara, and an awesome song! I think we have all felt such extreme pain and grief of loss. I like the nickname you have now given your father. I know he still whispers to you.

  5. Thanks Cynthia, and it brings me joy to think he whispers to all our family without any pain

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