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A Place Like This – Song Lyrics about the State of the World

“A Song by Elvis Proctor & Barbara Tremblay Cipak”: Another collaboration of work – song lyrics about the state of the world and standing firm in the face of adversity and working together as one. Music hasn’t been written for these words yet.


Everytime I turn on my damn tv
I got bad news bombarding me
times are strange, they’re hazy
has the world just gone plain crazy
Live’s are taken for a dollar sign
We’re living in some strange times
What happened to making a stand
And people joining hand in hand
I guess I’m stuck in another place
where we used to talk face-to-face
where the heart of man was measured by honor
where he didn’t have to struggle
to make an honest dollar
take me home to this place I miss
I don’t want to go on in a place like this

So today was the day that I went home
I stood centered amongst the storm
I was the building it was trying to tumble
I was the exercise for the wind
but I was the rock that never moved
I am grateful to have strength in chaos..
I am grateful for the tears
cause when my eyes empty
my soul fills up again
I then find strength to carry on
to face this world standing strong
and believe I really do belong
in the hidden wonders of a place like this

I beleive there’s time for change
to take a chance to rearange
I’m praying no more bombs will fall
Never having to fly at all
I miss the way it used to be
feeling a sense of security
In a time right behind me
Where I wish that I could be
All this madness would cease
Take me to a valley of peace

Where rivers flow
and the damn can hold
no matter the battle against it
where we all stay centered amongst this storm
we’re the building it’s trying to tumble
we’re the exercise for the wind
but we’re the rock that never moves
grateful for our strength during chaos
each becoming the power of one
our tears wiped away
we all carry on
facing this world holding hands
standing strong
where we all belong,
yes we all belong
in a wonderful place like this

Written By Barbara Tremblay Cipak & Elvis Proctor

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