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A Poem About Being Stuck

Filed in Life Poems, Life Reflection Poem by on July 28, 2022 0 Comments • views: 625
A Poem About Being Stuck


When you’re stuck,

you’re stuck.

You try to lift that foot to go,

then self-doubt creeps up

from down below,

You’ve never sunk this deep before,

or been stuck inside an ugly floor,

You hate that you can see the door

because you know that concrete feet weigh more,

You’ll never touch it! There’s too much lead!

Useless tasks control your head,

Yesterday’s troubles reappear, and you resist,

But the same mind battles still exist,

Despite a lifetime of work, and blessings galore,

You’re still stuck on this sticky floor!

They say nail polish remover loosens stubborn glue?

Not true.

It’s something only you can do.

Close your eyes, embrace the fear,

change your mind’s exclusive premiere,

then move a toe,

just a toe, a baby toe.

Until eventually,

one foot lets go.

Half stuck.

Rinse and repeat

to free both feet.


©By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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