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A Song for My Children

Filed in Family Country Songs, For Children, Moms Messages by on July 21, 2022 2 Comments • views: 6162

Although this Song isn’t a Country Song, I Wanted to Introduce You to the Lyrics

If I Could, by Barbra Streisand, has been my anthem for my four sons for decades and will remain their dedication song forever. The lyrics beautifully express what’s in my heart about being their mom. I hope they know how much they’re loved.

If you’re a mom like me, you’ve probably said, ‘I wish I could find the words that express how much I love my children.’ Although I’ve written a few poems myself and featured numerous other song choices on this page, nothing can compare to these lyrics written by Ronald Lee Miller for ‘If I Could.’

If I Could Give You Courage in a World of Compromise…If I Could I Would Teach You all The Things I’ve Never Learned

Yes, boys, if I could, I would. You may be tempted to sometimes see things as either-or, but take it from mom; often they’re not: You will have to compromise more times than you think is fair, and it’s ok. Remember this quote when you’re unsure what to do in a debate; If you have the choice between being right and being kind, always choose kind. However, stand steady in your ideals and don’t compromise your integrity; be honest and always be fair…it’s easier than you think.

When you’re at a crossroads, listen; you’ll always hear me telling you to choose the right thing, and you’ll know what it is. Be a man of honor and a man of heart. You’ve heard me say it numerous times; when you’re doing for others, anything, any small thing, that’s where you’ll find your greatest happiness, and most of all, meaning. When you doubt that, remember your Grandfather and all the people he helped in his lifetime. Even though he’s no longer living while we live, he loves you…and he’s watching over you..and when it’s my time to join him, I’ll always be watching over you too.

The Garden Lesson
This is from a poem I wrote years ago – “The garden lesson holds the secret to joy, it’s a simple flower, a smile, a mere helping hand, to remember the love our life kissed, for we define ourselves by the garden we plant not by what’s to do on our list” – It’s our front yard boys, so you’ll always see it here.

If I Could, I Would Try to Shield Your Innocence From Time, But the Part of Life I Gave You Isn’t Mine, I’ve Watched You Grow So I Could Let You Go

Watching you grow and learn from your choices is the hardest thing to do as a mom. You’re a part of me, a part of who I am, and knowing you’ll have moments of fear and sadness just hurts to think about. If I could, I would undoubtedly shield your innocence from time. When you’re tempted to bite off more than you can chew, remember something I’ve repeatedly said over the years; keep your life simple. Live 50% below your means if you’re able to: Try not to want or need too many ‘things’ – it’s not the things in life that matter; it’s your footprint of love you’ll be measured by.

If I Could, I Would Help You Make it Through the Hungry Years, But I Know that I Can Never Cry Your Tears, But I Would if I Could

I’m not going to pretend that somehow your struggles and your ‘hungry years’ are good for you and that I’m ok with that. I’m your mom; I don’t want you to have ANY hungry years…I don’t. Knowing you’ll cry tears when I’m not there to wipe them is more than I can bear…and this feeling never ends. It doesn’t matter how old you get; after all, you’re young men now, and I still feel this way. Sorry boys, but I pray for sunshine and roses for you every day I breathe. You are and forever will be, my babies.

If I Knew I’d Have Tried to Change the World I Brought You To…If I Could

Stay hopeful. This world can be dark, critical, and worst of all, very cynical, but fight that with hope. When people disappoint you or, gawd forbid, hurt you, ‘don’t let them rent space in your head.’ Learn to let go peacefully…it takes practice, but you can let go, trust me on that. Make your contribution to this world, big or small; it doesn’t matter; if you’re making a difference in someone’s life for the better, you’re making a contribution. Tap into who you are; find your purpose, and seek it out.

Find your peace, and find your place in this world, look for the beauty; you’ll find it in the smallest things, and always remember you are loved.

Endless and Unconditional Love,

Forever, Mom xxoo

Your Family History – Remember – Here’s Where You Come From

(Lyrics) “I would try to shield your innocence from time
but that part of life I gave you isn’t mine
I watched you grow so I could let you go”

Here’s Barbra Streisand’s Album, or just the Song, If I Could:

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  1. Barbara, what a beautiful message and tribute to your sons! I had never heard the song “If I Could” before now, so thank you for that wonderful gift. You’re an amazing person and mom, and I know you’ve brought up four terrific boys to be proud of.

  2. Margaret, thank you so much my friend. Your words are appreciated more than you know. <3

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