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A Song to Describe My Mood

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You’re Wondering, “Is there a Song to Describe My Mood”

You’re heading home after a long, rough day of work, happy but not totally fulfilled;. Your mind wanders and your aching soul is thinking there has to be something more to your life, and yep you guessed it..there’s a Country Song for that!

Coincidentally right at that moment, the radio station blasts ‘Something More by Sugarland’ and with fed-up exuberance you attack the volume control, set it to full blast, and start to scream out the lyrics that were written just for you! THAT’s what Country Music is; it’s your life story discovered in a song.

Whether it’s love, hurt, happiness, bliss, a bad day, or drinking too doesn’t matter, you can bet there’s a country song for that!

Featured below are songs that speak to real life issues and emotions. You may even find a few songs that fit exactly what you’re going through, or tunes that describe what you’ve already successfully tackled in your life.

My hope is that even when it’s hard, you always find the comfort and inspiration you need to smile through your own life story.

Do Any of These Country Songs Fit?

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A Song to Describe My Mood

Your Mood &
What You Need
In a Song!
What the Song's About!
(Note: These are Not
The Song Titles)
Pissed OffPissed at My ExFamily
Busted HeartIs There Anything Left Between Us?Love
Love My FriendsI Have a Great Best FriendFriends
I Need to LaughWho Wins Fishing? or Her?Humor
I Need to LaughTequila Makes You Strip!Humor
Calm Me DownNuture Your SoulCalming
I Can Do AnythingYou Can Do What's Impossible!Inspiring
I Can Do AnythingThere's Power in Your Spirit!Inspiring
I'm Working on MeYou're Going to Be Brave From Now OnHopeful
Do I Matter, Yes I DoYou're Not Invisible, You MatterInspiring
I'm Working on MeYou're Moving On in LifeHopeful
Do I Matter, Yes I DoYou've Had Your Moments in the SunInspiring
You Make Me SmileHere They Come Again, and There You Go!Happy
For My PartyYou Wanna Party & Drink Hooch!Fun
I'm In LoveYour Once in a Lifetime LoveLove
They're Passed OnHe Was the Best Dad EverLoss
I'm Working on MeYou've Learned a lot of LessonsHopeful
I Honor My FamilyRespect Your Last NameFamily
I Honor My DadYour Dad Lives Life to the Max!Family
Do I Matter, Yes I DoIt Feels Like Life is Passing You ByInspiring
I'm Working on MeYour Next 30 Years!Hopeful
About the WorldThe News Depresses You!Hopeful
AddictionsSomeone Has a Drinking ProblemHealth
I Love My KidsThe Kids Are Growing Up So FastFamily
I Honor My FamilyYou Want People to Show More RespectFamily
Do I Matter, Yes I DoHe Wasn't a Good Dad, But You Found PeaceInspiring
I Love My KidsMy Daughter is Everything to MeFamily
I Honor My FamilyYou Miss Your Loved OneFamily
I Love My WifeMy Wife is Amazing, She Does so MuchLove
I Love My WifeWe Found Out She Has CancerLove
I Love My MomMom is AgingLove
I Love My WifeI Loved Her and We Lost HerLove
I Honor My FamilyA Milestone, Married Over 50 Years!Family
They're Passed OnA Message of Strength, Go On Without MeLoss
I Honor My FamilyYou Want to be Known as a Good ManFamily
They're Not WellAlzheimer's is Changing You ForeverHealth
They're Passed OnI Will Miss You ForeverLoss
They're Passed OnThere Has to Be More to LifeLoss
I Love My WifeWith You I'll DanceLove
They're Passed OnThank You for All You Did For MeLoss
They're Not WellHer Alzheimer's Brings Her Back to Young LoveHealth
I Love HerYou Only Want Her in Your LifeHealth
They're Not WellHer Memory is Fading NowHealth
For My PartyThis Song Honors Country MusicFun
I'm Working on MeI'm Changing for the Better NowHopeful
I Honor My FamilyI Wish the Best for You!Hopeful
About the WorldThe World has Changed so Much!Inspiring
Calm Me DownYou Need a Relaxing SongCalming
Love My FriendsI'm Falling for my Best FriendFriends
I Love HimHe's Not Perfect, but I Love HimLove
I'm Working on MeI'm Becoming a Better ManHopeful
I Love HerTrust Me, I Love YouLove
I Love HerShe Means the World to MeLove
I'm Working on MePutting My Problems in PerspectiveInspiring
I'm Working on MeI'm Getting Stronger NowHopeful
I'm Working on MeI'm Controlling My Destiny NowInspiring
I Can Do AnythingI Need to Live Life to the MaxHopeful
About the WorldHonoring Those Who ServeLoss
I'm Working on MeI'm Going to Make it in LifeHopeful
Pissed at LoveIt's Over. You're Done!Love
Busted HeartHit the Road Jack!Love
About the WorldI Love the USAInspiring
I Love HerCelebrating Being a Woman!Inspiring
For My PartyYou Would Love a Beach Vacation!Happy
AddictionsYou're Supporting Them thru AddictionHealth
My Dad Walked Out on UsDad Leaving Scarred Me, but I'm HealingHealing, Sad
A Song to Destress MeI Need to Unwind and Relax with an Upbeat SongHappy

HOLD it RIGHT There! You Can’t Leave Without Being in a GREAT MOOD! – Not All Country Songs are Sad, Serious, Arduous Plights!

If you’re having a rough day and need a little pick me up, don’t hesitate to blast these songs!

If you haven’t turned this one up, put the dishes down, and started dancing in your kitchen, with or without a child in tow, then you haven’t lived!

Remember today you took another breath, maybe had another peek at the sun, felt the wind on your face, laughed with a friend, hugged someone you loved…So Yes, It’s a Great Day to Be Alive!

Here’s a Playlist of 11 Songs to Put You in a Good Mood!

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