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Affordable Bose Headphones with Terrific Sound Quality

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This past holiday season my son requested a pair of ‘good headphones’ and of course we had to try and combine ‘good sound’ with a ‘good price’. So thus, the hunt for a pair of affordable Bose Headphones began.

Why Bose? Our family have always been a fan of Bose audio products. In fact, in our opinion, Bose provides the best sound for the best money. Yes, some of their items are expensive, however if you look around you’ll probably find that many high quality audio items aren’t cheap.

We decided upon these OE (On Ear) Headphones for our son, and I have to say, considering their price, the sound quality is very good. As a country music reviewer, I’m spending a good part of my day listening to music, and have done so using these headphones as well: I could hear instruments that I would never hear with my computer speakers of course. Yes most decent headphones enable you to distinguish instruments as you listen, however, many would cost substantially more than these. I wasn’t expecting much for the money, so I suppose that’s what shocked me the most.

The Detachable Audio Cable

If I had to point out one thing it would pertain to the detachable audio cable. My son’s pair have two detachable audio cables, and I’m glad they do. Since both my son and I frequently use these headphones, the cable is being removed from one device and put into another quite often, thus the wear and tear we’re putting on the cable is more than normal. We’re probably going to have to use the spare cable very shortly. But don’t let that deter you; if you’re not planning to have multiple people use these, then your cable will likely last longer than ours did. You can easily get spare cables for these. Best to have a few back-ups; they’re not expensive.

Here’s the extra cable as well as the more expensive noise cancelling headphones by Bose:

 Bose 20′ Extension Cable for Bose HeadphonesSee Price Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesSee Price

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