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Angels Watching Over Us Poem – Angels on Duty

Angels Watching Over Us Poem

What if Angels were called to duty every morning to help each of us face our day and to assist us in making the right choices? Their assigned mission is to help us have a better day than yesterday, to help us grow, learn, and ultimately understand the grand purpose of life. In our soul, without speaking, they remind us, “This too shall pass; it will be okay.” I wrote this one in my forties, around the early 2000s.

Angels on Duty

Did you hear your alarm this morning
Like ten thousand weights chained to our feet
We drag ourselves to the edge of our shuffled bed
White sheets wrinkled from sleep drape our legs,
With our body bent in half,
we devour heavy breaths of air
Hoping this will replenish our tired spirit,
the work of this day infects our mind
Rocking ourselves will comfort our soul,
Or so it seems…
The morning bell tolls the Angels to their duty
Wings wrapping souls is the first order of business
Their mission: to strengthen mankind’s resolve
to make today better than yesterday
They wash our light in lullabies from the world beyond
And we are unaware of our body, as though filled with air,
being lifted to a soft cloud
where whispers in our ear
give us the secret to life each and every day
We are reminded of our calling by the love we can’t see
and as we reach to erase the noise of the morning clock,
a smile of truth warms us in a freshly heated blanket
For within our being shines the gift of knowledge, that,
the world is our neighbor,
and hope is but a prayer away

©by Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

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