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What to Write on the Back of a Business Card – Funny or Inspirational

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The reverse side of a business card can be prime real estate to deliver a tag line that reflects the character of yourself and your business.

You can take many angles on this matter; some prefer funny quotes, others inspirational, and others would instead select a quote to reflect upon their profession.

No matter which way you decide to go, remember the ultimate purpose of the card itself: The back of your business card is an added marketing opportunity that expands upon who you are and what you do. However, you can also achieve these goals by selecting words that include the results you want for your customers. So try and choose a tagline that isn’t all about you.

One way to decide upon the best quote to choose is to pretend you are the customer; someone just handed you their card, you flipped it over, read their tagline, and, what did you think about it? Did it make you feel a particular emotion, convey a message about that person to you and last but not least, was it memorable?

Below you’ll find a list of tag lines to choose from that you are free to use on the back of your business card:

What to Write on the Back of a Business Card

Cleaning Related Businesses:

  1. We put the shine back in your life
  2. Messes Motivate Me!
  3. If it needs cleaning, it needs me!
  4. Do not despair; we don’t just clean; we care!
  5. To us, mess stands for; Make everything simply superb!
  6. Cleaning up your life one mess at a time
  7. We Rub-a-dub-dub and Scrub-a-dub-dub
  8. We love dirty homes!
  9. We look at every mess with an artist’s eye!
  10. We love an enormous mess; bring it on!

Real Estate Businesses:

  1. We Move our Butts So You Can Move Yours!
  2. You’re Moving, and that Moves Me!
  3. I Sell Gnomes <–oops, I meant Homes!
  4. Work for You, That’s What I Do!
  5. When You’re Happy, I’m Happy
  6. Changing the Way You Look at Real Estate
  7. Solving Problems Relaxes Me!
  8. Pointing You in the Direction of Your Dreams
  9. Our Paths Have Crossed for a Reason
  10. Your Home is Our Castle
  11. Finding You A Home Completes Me
  12. We Love What Lucy Loves, Real Estate
  13. Getting to Know Your Needs, Getting to Know All About Them
  14. I Do More Than Hear, I Listen

Funny Sayings for Your Business Card

  1. You’re about to Hire a Badass
  2. I Go all Ninja Cat to Get Things Done
  3. I Am Your Best Labor Saving Device
  4. Artificial Intelligence is not a Bad Thing
  5. No Meetings! Just Results
  6. I See You
  7. I Heard What You Said
  8. Mistakes Are Single Steaks; I Never Serve Them Up
  9. Holy Cow, You Flipped My Card Over
  10. The Chicken Crossed the Road because I TOLD Him Too
  11. I Am that Guy
  12. Are You Looking for That Guy? I’m Him
  13. Don’t Leave Me Hanging. Call!
  14. If I didn’t have a suit on when I handed you this card, I wasn’t all there!
  15. I Heard You Were Awesome, But Holy Crap, that’s Putting it Mildly!
  16. If You Love Someone, Set Them Free, I Hope You Hate Me
  17. My Head is in the Clouds; There’s Room for You Too
  18. The Jolly Green Giant and I Are Both Golden Egg Hunters
  19. You Rock, Keep Doing What You’re Doing!
  20. If I Could, I Would, and I Should Be Good, But I Can’t
  21. You Realize You Are About to Hire a Brat
  22. Sometimes the Moon Shines, and Sometimes I Drink the Moon
  23. Winners Know How to Play, and Players Know How to Win
  24. Sheldon and I Love the Same Stuff
  25. Positioning You to Win, Positioning Myself to Watch You Win
  26. Changing Minds with My Super Human Powers
  27. If You Knew What I Knew, You Wouldn’t Need Me; If I Knew What You Knew, I Wouldn’t Need this Job!

Inspirational Words to Write on a Business Card

  1. Positively Working for You
  2. I Speak It, But Best of All I Do It For You
  3. Trust is the Place Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
  4. Reaching for the Stars with My Feet on the Ground
  5. Thinking and Doing; Without One the Other Cannot Be
  6. Expectations are Something I Expect
  7. Helping You See What’s Possible
  8. A Vision is a Mission
  9. Wisdom leads the way when all else fails
  10. Belief has led me here
  11. We are governed by our thinking
  12. When we believe, our hearts can lead us there

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