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Breakup Country Songs

Country songs that describe the varied emotions of heartache from breaking up with someone you care about. Find just the right song to express what you’re feeling, watch the related video and then find out where you can get the song if you need it.

Song for a Couple that Gets Back Together

Your love has been tested multiple times. This gorgeous song for a couple that gets back together empathizes with you; you are ‘fragile’ you are human’.


Country Songs about Breaking Up & Lost Love

Whether you want to stop the tears, keep the tears, punch a wall, or laugh it off, these country songs about breakups are perfect for your Tune-Up!


A Country Song About a Past Love

(Lyrics) Is there anything left of everything we had. A country song about a past love that asks whether there’s any hope left; do I cross your mind?


Hilarious & Sarcastic Country Song About Being Mad at Your Ex

If you need a little humor in a country song about being mad at your ex, then stop searching google right now, ’cause this sarcastic ditty fits!


A Country Song About Losing Your First Love – ‘I got the boy, she got the man’

You got the boy, and she got the man. This country song about losing your first love talks about the man he became versus the boy you knew.


Mercy by Brett Young is a Song that Rips at Your Heart about a Broken Relationship

Mercy by Brett Young is an emotional experience. The soul-stirring lyrics ask that his love have mercy on his heart as their relationship falls apart.