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Death & Loss Country Songs

Find the country song expressing the depth of loss that you or a loved one is feeling. Each of the songs here talk about the story and message delivered via the lyric. You’re also provided with a video so you can listen to it, as well as a link where you can get the song(s) if you need it.

Incredibly Beautiful Country Song to Honor Fallen Soldiers

Kevin Costner, yes, that Kevin Costner, and his Band’s Moving Country Song to Honor Fallen Soldiers If you aren’t aware that Kevin Costner has a country music band called Kevin Costner & Modern West, I’m here to let you know…it’s true..he does. Their Rock Country Band was formed in 2007, and they’ve traveled the world […]


Country Songs about the Loss of a Friend

Emotional and very moving country songs about the loss of a friend. Songs that vary in meaning and purpose, you’re sure to find the one that works for you.


A Powerful Message in a Country Song About Love and Life

Your heart will fill with tears, reflection & passion for what matters in this life with this powerful country song about love and life. Don’t miss this one.


A Touching Country Song About a Spouse Dying

If you’re looking for a country song about a spouse dying as well as one that pays tribute to the living spouse, listen to ‘Thank You’ by Johnny Reid. It’s one of the most powerful, moving songs you’ll ever hear. The video and lyrics combined with the almost spiritual music encapsulate the commitment of a […]


You Should Be Here – A Country Song for Our Loved Ones Who Watch from Heaven

Cole Swindell Hits a Homerun of the Heart with His Latest Release ‘You Should Be Here’ It does the one thing a true hit song should do; it sneaks up on you and tells your life story unwittingly. The music matters, but, as always, the words seal the deal. Sitting in my kitchen this morning, […]


16 Heartbreaking Country Songs about Death

Honor your loved ones with this list of 16 beautiful tunes, including ‘See You Again’ and ‘Temporary Home’ by Carrie Underwood


Song Dedications for Dad about Loss, Love and Honor

Filed in Death & Loss Country Songs, For My Dad by on August 22, 2021 12 Comments • views: 55256

Collection of Songs Dedicated to the Loss of a Father.


Country Songs to Honor Lost Loved Ones

Filed in Country Music, Country Music Lists, Death & Loss Country Songs by on January 11, 2021 13 Comments • views: 16854

Here you’ll find a growing list of country songs to honor lost loved ones. Including the moving message in song, ‘Go On Without Me’ by Brett Eldredge


A Country Song about Missing Dad or Anyone Who is No Longer By Your Side

I Still Miss You by Keith Anderson is not only a country song about missing dad, but can easily be dedicated to anyone you’ve lost in your life.


A Song about Alzheimers – Forever Changed

Listening to Forever Changed by Carrie Underwood isn’t easy. In an interview with ABC Nightline in 2012, Ms. Underwood said the song is so personally emotional for her that she’ll never sing it in public. Like most songs in country music, this one is the story of a life: One of the writers penned it […]


I Won’t Let Go – A Song Dedication

A song dedication. An ideal lyric to dedicate and honor the precious memory of someone passed on. Moving words.


A Country Song about Being Brave – A Gift from The Bear Whisperer

(Lyrics) I may not win every battle, but I’ll get stronger with every fear I face; A gorgeous, inspirational song about persevering through our stuggles