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Funny Country Songs

A Good Laugh from a Funny Country Song about Fishing

(Lyrics) If I hit that fishin’ hole today she’d be packin’ all her things and she’d be gone by noon! A funny country song about fishing by Mr. Brad Paisley!


Wisecracking Country Songs for Ticked Off Working Women

Filed in Country Music, Country Music Lists, Funny Country Songs by on January 11, 2021 2 Comments • views: 5233

It Happens, by Sugarland – Yep, it’s a Play on Words, Shhhh…it Happens! Oh yeah, you’ve really messed up today! Your alarm clock didn’t go off, the boss is out of his mind ’cause you’re late, and to cap it all off, you head to work with two different shoes on! If you’ve ever had […]


Hilarious & Sarcastic Country Song About Being Mad at Your Ex

If you need a little humor in a country song about being mad at your ex, then stop searching google right now, ’cause this sarcastic ditty fits!


A Funny Country Song about Tequila

Have a ton of fun with this popular and funny country song about tequila – it makes her clothes fall off!