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Happy Country Songs

Country Song about Wanting the Best for Someone

My Wish by Rascal Flatts is the ideal country song about wanting the best for someone. These encouraging lyrics deliver a positive heart felt message.


A Relaxing Country Song about the Beach

Especially during the winter, there’s nothing better than a country song about the beach. You’ll enjoy the light, casual nature of Jake Owen’s Beachin’


A Good Laugh from a Funny Country Song about Fishing

(Lyrics) If I hit that fishin’ hole today she’d be packin’ all her things and she’d be gone by noon! A funny country song about fishing by Mr. Brad Paisley!


4 Country Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head

1. Truck Got Stuck, by Corb Lund If you’ve never heard ‘Truck Got Stuck’ by Corb Lund, then you’re in for a treat! Both the song and the video are hilarious. This very catchy tune is precisely about what the song says it is ….’ the truck got stuck.’ (Lyrics) ‘The Chev got stuck, and […]


Country Song that Makes You Feel Happy

Fantastic classic country song that makes you feel happy by Dolly Parton that you can’t help but smile to when you listen!


An Upbeat Country Song About Being a Good Man

If you need a country song about being a good man and living a good life, this song about reflection and purpose by Emerson Drive is a perfect fit!


Country Songs for Birthdays About Life, Partying, Hope & Growth!

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Don’t run all over the internet looking for country songs for birthdays when the work has already been done for you! Here’s the growing list of songs!


Up Down by Morgan Wallen Featuring Florida Georgia Line

 Up Down, written by Michael Hardy, Brad Clawson, and CJ Solar, can be found on Morgan Wallen’s 2018 studio album, ‘If I Know Me’. The song is upbeat, filled with fun and energy. If you’re looking to add a tune to your summer playlist, be sure to give Morgan’s song a listen. (Lyrics Preview) “We […]


A Country Song about Having a Great Time – When Life Gets a Little Heavy Lighten it Up with this Song

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If you haven’t heard this upbeat duet with Kenny Chesney & Pink about remembering what it was like to let go and have a night of pure fun, don’t miss it…


Tim McGraw Reminds Me ‘There is a Time to Dance’

How Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider Concert reminded me that there is a time to dance – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


An Energetic and Fun Country Song for a Party!

When you need a tune that gets butts out of a chairs, then you’ll want to include ‘That’s My Song’ to your playlist! It’s a fun country song for a party!


Listen to An Upbeat Country Song About the Future, Brad Paisley’s ‘Welcome to the Future’

In typical Brad Paisley style, ‘Welcome to the Future’ takes Country Music down a different story telling path! This time it’s about how much things have changed from the past to today.