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Love Country Songs

A collection of personally reviewed country songs about love. Find the message of love that expresses what you’re trying to say by choosing the song with the best lyrics for what you need.

Country Song About Being Your Man – I Wanna Rescue You

A country song about being your man – You want to be her Knight in Shining Armour and Wake Her Up with a Long Slow Kiss, if that’s the case, here’s the song!


Hot and Sexy Country Songs

Planning a Night of Romance? If So, Let the Music Complete You When a night of romance or lovin’ is on the agenda, a list of just the right mood-setting songs is in order. Make it easy on yourself; create a playlist of all the songs featured in this list, and be sure to check […]


Song for a Couple that Gets Back Together

Your love has been tested multiple times. This gorgeous song for a couple that gets back together empathizes with you; you are ‘fragile’ you are human’.


A Country Song About Being Married Over 50 Years

If you’re celebrating a long marriage, this country song about being married over 50 years is an ideal selection to include in that celebration.


Country Song about a Lost Summer Love and A Story to Go With It

A country song about a lost summer love that remains untouched and perfect, along with a true story of summer love that remains forever young.


An Upbeat Country Song for a Wedding

The song, Once in a Lifetime, released in August of 2006, carries extra special meaning for Keith Urban: In an article by Taste of Country in June of 2014, you can read the personal details expressed by Keith Urban at a concert of how the song came to be. It’s a story that many of […]


Country Song about a Relationship Not Working – Has She Become the Enemy

Where Would You Be by Martina McBride is a moving country song about a relationship not working, she’s asking him, ‘where would you be without me’.


Travis Tritt Country Music Trilogy

Emotional Country Music Trilogy by Travis Tritt – Three Music Videos Telling A Compelling Story in Mini Movie Format Three Travis Tritt Hit Songs, Each a Sequel to the Other – Telling a Story Like a Movie Very Best Of Travis Tritt (2 of 3 Triligoy Songs on this Album – Anymore and Tell Me […]


A List of Country Songs for a Wedding First Dance

The work is already done for you! Featured here are a list of previewed country songs for a wedding first dance! Choose the song with just the right lyrics!


Beautiful Country Song for a Wedding Anniversary about the Depth of Love

This incredibly beautiful song by Brad Paisley is the ideal country song for a wedding anniversary. You’ll enjoy this one! It’s works for either a wedding or anniversary.


She Makes Me a Better Man Country Songs

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Romantic Country Songs About How She Makes Him a Better Man She brings out the best in him, and the only explanation for it is that he loves her to the core of his being, so much so that when he’s with her, he’s reminded of the man he wants to be, the man he […]


Country Song About Being There For You – You Love Her and Need a Song To Express Just How Much She Means to You

A moving country song about being there for you describing the promise of standing beside and with someone through it all. Don’t miss these powerful lyrics of love.