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Love Country Songs

A collection of personally reviewed country songs about love. Find the message of love that expresses what you’re trying to say by choosing the song with the best lyrics for what you need.

A Night of Just Kissing with Country Songs about Kissing

Turn date night into something hot, plan a night of just kissing! You’ll need a playlist, so be sure to include these country songs about kissing.


Country Song about Doing What She Likes – Good Intentions turn Hot

You’ll get a laugh watching the video Doing What She Likes by Blake Shelton as well as a musical treat! Great music, words and lyrics! Fun!


An Unexpected Gift from a Country Song about Alzheimers

This country song about Alzheimers and dementia is beautifully done. The lyrics of this powerful song by Rascal Flatts give the listener the gift of perspective.


Getting Better – 29 Years of Marriage and Tim McGraw

A country song about getting better by the talented Mr. Tim McGraw. ‘Better Than I Used to Be’, a song about a man who’s ‘cleanin up his act little by little’


Country Song about Complicated Love – You’ve Fallen in Love with a Friend, Now What?

A country song about complicated love; when a friend falls for a friend, what does one do?


Marry Me, by Thomas Rhett – A Song About a Broken Heart While She Marries Another

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But she got on her dress now, welcoming the guests now, I could try to find her, get it off of my chest now, But I ain’t gonna mess it up, so I wish her the best now (lyrics)


Country Songs About Forever Love

Stop wasting time running around looking for country songs about forever love when you can get a tidy list of recommended tunes right here…


I Didn’t Fall in Love With Your Hair, by Brett Kissel – For Those Fighting Cancer

An emotional song released in 2016 for Canadian Cancer Awareness Month about a man telling the woman he adores, ‘I didn’t fall in love with your hair…


A Country Song about Someone Being There for You When Life Gets Hard

“They’ll be days your don’t wanna beat, that you pray more than you breath” – A song of empathy and understanding, ‘Break on Me’ by Keith Urban


Country Song about Loving Her So Much it Hurts

Your pain in love brings you pleasure! This country tune by Brad Paisley about loving her so much it hurts says it for you in a song!


Country Song about Giving It All You’ve Got

You’re not giving up on life, you have drive well beyond your human body, if that’s the case you’ll enjoy this country song about giving it all you’ve got


A Country Song About Everything a Man Should Be

(Lyrics) He was like Moonshine, He was Strong as Hell,┬áLike that Old Dirt Road, had a Story to Tell These lyrics caused me to stop in my tracks. The contradiction between the upbeat music and reflective lyrics expressed in the country song ‘MoonShine’ by Canadian Country Singer Alee, make this the hit song it’s destined […]