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Country Music

A growing list of country songs discussing the power of the story and emotion delivered through the lyrics. Find the right song for that special person or occasion.

Country Songs About Forever Love

Stop wasting time running around looking for country songs about forever love when you can get a tidy list of recommended tunes right here…


List of Country Songs for Moms

Don’t spend hours running around the Internet looking for the right country song to honor Mom when the work has already been done for you here on Drageda! Trying to find just the right song that sings just the right words to honor someone you love can be a time consuming and a seemingly never […]


Good Country Songs for Fathers

Here you’ll find country songs for fathers from a variety of perspectives; sons, daughters, spouses, and more! Choose the song that best tells your story


I Didn’t Fall in Love With Your Hair, by Brett Kissel – For Those Fighting Cancer

An emotional song released in 2016 for Canadian Cancer Awareness Month about a man telling the woman he adores, ‘I didn’t fall in love with your hair…


A Country Song about Having a Great Time – When Life Gets a Little Heavy Lighten it Up with this Song

Filed in Happy Country Songs, Kenny Chesney by on September 10, 2016 0 Comments • views: 3122

If you haven’t heard this upbeat duet with Kenny Chesney & Pink about remembering what it was like to let go and have a night of pure fun, don’t miss it…


A Country Song about Someone Being There for You When Life Gets Hard

“They’ll be days your don’t wanna beat, that you pray more than you breath” – A song of empathy and understanding, ‘Break on Me’ by Keith Urban


Carrie Underwood Song for Her Son and Husband

Another song by Carrie Underwood that’s so personal to her, she said she may never sing it live. The song expresses her deep love for her son and husband…


Country Song about Loving Her So Much it Hurts

Your pain in love brings you pleasure! This country tune by Brad Paisley about loving her so much it hurts says it for you in a song!


Here’s the ER List; Find the Country Song that Fits

Filed in Country Music, Country Music Lists, Country Song Groupings by on September 15, 2015 0 Comments • views: 6383

Come to the home of Emotion Reviews! Visit an ER to heal the heart, cure what ails, or to find the country song that helps and honors the one you love


Back to School Country Songs about Growth, Love, Moving Forward & Reflection

This is the time of year when we feel ‘Time’. When you need a boost to help you along, add these fantastic back to school country songs to your playlist.


Country Song about Giving It All You’ve Got

You’re not giving up on life, you have drive well beyond your human body, if that’s the case you’ll enjoy this country song about giving it all you’ve got


When Looking for a Country Song about Needing Inner Strength, Listen to ‘Fly’ by Maddie & Tae

When you need a country song about needing inner strength be sure to listen to the powerful message in the song ‘Fly’ by Maddie & Tae