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Country Music

A growing list of country songs discussing the power of the story and emotion delivered through the lyrics. Find the right song for that special person or occasion.

A Song to Describe My Mood

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This list of country songs tells you what the song is about so you won’t have to run all over the internet looking for a song to describe your mood!


Which Country Song Fits You Best Today?

Filed in Country Music, Country Music Lists, Country Song Groupings by on August 3, 2015 2 Comments • views: 4704

Let lady luck decide which country song fits you best! Spin the wheel & find your song of the day! Don’t like that choice, spin again!


Tim McGraw Reminds Me ‘There is a Time to Dance’

How Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider Concert reminded me that there is a time to dance – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


Country Songs Celebrating America – “It shines when times get hard, You can’t break an American Heart”

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Whether honoring the USA all year long or on Independence Day, save time with this growing list of country songs celebrating America!


A Country Song About Everything a Man Should Be

(Lyrics) He was like Moonshine, He was Strong as Hell, Like that Old Dirt Road, had a Story to Tell These lyrics caused me to stop in my tracks. The contradiction between the upbeat music and reflective lyrics expressed in the country song ‘MoonShine’ by Canadian Country Singer Alee, make this the hit song it’s destined […]


An Energetic and Fun Country Song for a Party!

When you need a tune that gets butts out of a chairs, then you’ll want to include ‘That’s My Song’ to your playlist! It’s a fun country song for a party!


A Country Song about the Power of the Human Spirit

So, you need a country song about the power of the human spirit that speaks to both physical & mental strength? Then you NEED to listen to this song!


List of Winners & Performers at the 2015 CMT Music Awards

Here’s a list of the Winners & Performers from the 2015 CMT Music Awards! Use this list as a quick reference to create your own Playlist of all the songs!


Listen to An Upbeat Country Song About the Future, Brad Paisley’s ‘Welcome to the Future’

In typical Brad Paisley style, ‘Welcome to the Future’ takes Country Music down a different story telling path! This time it’s about how much things have changed from the past to today.


A Song that Puts Life in Perspective

You’re at the end of your rope and you need a song that gives you a little direction. Don’t miss this inspirational song that puts life in perspective.


An Empathetic Country Song About Life Passing You By

An Empathetic Country Song that Speaks about How Life Hasn’t Turned out the Way You Planned Stop for Me, by Carolyn Dawn Johnson – ‘I Always Thought This Train Would Stop for Me’ (Lyrics) – A country song about life passing you by You had big plans for your life, you were so determined, and […]


Country Songs about Not Stressing

Have you walked through life feeling trapped only to discover you were the one who caged yourself? Are you quietly answering Yes or  No to this question? I’ll take a general guess on the averages; if you’re a younger person reading this I’ll jump out and say most of  you are answering No, if you’re […]