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Life Reflection Poem

A Country Song about Healing

A beautiful country song about healing chosen as the anthem for a personal poem about rest and renewal. When healing and rest are needed.


A Poem about the Environment from The Earth

A Video Poem about God and Our Environment, and the connections we have.


Time’s Gift – Poem about Time Passing By

A reflective poem about time passing by and the lessons we learn, and what we do with those lessons – do we move forward or do we spin our wheels?


One More Step to Take – Moving Forward in Life, Reaching Your Goal, One Step Away, Do You Take It?

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To finish the race, the race of life…with the just one more step to take, are we ready to win? Maybe it’s not really a win if we haven’t learned or completed our story…in slow motion, do we pull back from the finish line?


When A Son Loses His Father

When a son loses his father was written for a difficult father son relationship that despite it’s challenges, still managed to find love..


Self Awareness Poem – Knowing Thyself

I can’t judge, I can’t hate, I can’t envy you … Why? Self awareness and becoming the best version of ourselves is the aim of this poem..


Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

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This video, these words…”Life is Like a Cup of Coffee”…are so powerful…so beautiful. You might cry.


Where Have All The Leaders Gone

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Written around 2004 – Where have all the Leaders Gone, about the lack of Leadership almost globally


When Crazy Was King

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Fun country song lyrics, available to artists, about inflation and the changing economy over the many decades.


Remember Who I Am

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Song Lyrics about our life lessons, life purpose & our contribution to humanity.


Angels Watching Over Us Poem – Angels on Duty

Angels on Duty is a poem about the hope and possibility that angels are watching over us each and everyday and are whispering life answers to us daily.