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Self Awareness

The Butterfly Dance – A Poem about Having Faith in Yourself and Embracing the True You

The Butterfly Dance is a poem about faith in yourself, faith in your dreams, learning to listen to self, and how easy it really is if we’re just willing…


A Poem about the Environment from The Earth

A Video Poem about God and Our Environment, and the connections we have.


Time’s Gift – Poem about Time Passing By

A reflective poem about time passing by and the lessons we learn, and what we do with those lessons – do we move forward or do we spin our wheels?


We Are So Much More – We Haven’t Even Scratched the Surface of Mankind’s Potential

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This simple and easy to understand poem gets straight to the point, mankind hasn’t tapped into all it’s potential; we’ve merely scratched the surface so far


Your One Thing – What is Your Purpose in this Life?

Poem, Destiny: This poem was written with our own personal life’s purpose in mind. What is that you were put on this earth to do, to complete, to perfect. What is each of our contribution to this world suppose to be.


Hidden Dreams Can Sometimes Be

Grand dreams held for a long time sometimes fade away only to unexpectedly be brought to the surface by unforeseen forces, that’s what this poem is about


Self Awareness Poem – Knowing Thyself

I can’t judge, I can’t hate, I can’t envy you … Why? Self awareness and becoming the best version of ourselves is the aim of this poem..


Optical Illusion Posters

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You can find a selection of Optical Illusion Posters here – They can be framed and mounted as well – A great idea for a business entry way (good conversation piece). Or a unique concept to decorate a restaurant wall in – Keeping patrons busy trying to solve the puzzles as they wait!


Poem About Inner Peace

Poem about Our True Self, Our Secret Place: When you first read it, it sounds as though it’s speaking about passing to the next life. TAKE ME TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL Someday you’ll take me to your beautifulAnd show me all the colors thereSomeday you’ll take me to your plentifulAnd show me time I’ve always had […]


Listen to Me

Filed in Self Awareness, Soul Searching Poetry, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 26, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2038

Listen to Me I am tired of being ignored! You stand there doing the dishes, you don’t even hear me! I am screaming at you!!! Open your eyes to me You can’t live without me, I am the one. I define you. It’s your Soul speaking!! pay some attention! NOW! Face it, you were meant […]


I Will Only Hear You

Filed in Self Awareness, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 25, 2009 0 Comments • views: 1885

Set your soul free by opening up to yourself first It’s safe with me, open your heart Release your need to sing, pour out your life to me I am near you, don’t be afraid, For I will listen, I won’t tell I don’t judge, I won’t yell I will only hear you The weight […]


For Emily

Poem about the very complicated issue of a Mother’s choice: Dedicated to families who have endured this agonizing journey. An issue not to be judged, an issue strictly personal to each individual. Until we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, what do we really know? Compassion, not judgement could be our words of choice. […]