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Soul Searching Poetry

The Butterfly Dance – A Poem about Having Faith in Yourself and Embracing the True You

The Butterfly Dance is a poem about faith in yourself, faith in your dreams, learning to listen to self, and how easy it really is if we’re just willing…


Miracles From the Soul – A Poem about Feeling Peaceful and Calm on the Inside

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If you’ve ever had the feeling of complete inner calmness, despite the sometimes chaotic events in life, this poem talks about that gift of peace…


And The Children Die – A Poem about the Suffering Child

And the Children Die – A poem about the horrible actions of war and more that cause children to suffer, and the possible meaning behind these horror


The Poets Dance – A Poem about How Life Inspires the Writer to Paint Pictures in Words

Poem for Poets: This poem pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a poem dedicated to poets. Often times when we read a poem we see ourselves, our lives, in that poem. As in music, it is in poetry. So this poem is dedicated to the poet who tells his or her story but “unwittingly casts us” in them.


Time’s Gift – Poem about Time Passing By

A reflective poem about time passing by and the lessons we learn, and what we do with those lessons – do we move forward or do we spin our wheels?


In These Feathered Fields – A Soul Who Lived a Hard Life and Upon Death was Gifted Love and Acceptance from those still Living, Something They Ached for When Alive

A poem for a person who lived a hard life and after their death receive love from the public, family and friends enabling them to cross over in peace


We Are So Much More – We Haven’t Even Scratched the Surface of Mankind’s Potential

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This simple and easy to understand poem gets straight to the point, mankind hasn’t tapped into all it’s potential; we’ve merely scratched the surface so far


Your One Thing – What is Your Purpose in this Life?

Poem, Destiny: This poem was written with our own personal life’s purpose in mind. What is that you were put on this earth to do, to complete, to perfect. What is each of our contribution to this world suppose to be.


When A Son Loses His Father

When a son loses his father was written for a difficult father son relationship that despite it’s challenges, still managed to find love..


Hidden Dreams Can Sometimes Be

Grand dreams held for a long time sometimes fade away only to unexpectedly be brought to the surface by unforeseen forces, that’s what this poem is about


Poem About Inner Peace

Poem about Our True Self, Our Secret Place: When you first read it, it sounds as though it’s speaking about passing to the next life. TAKE ME TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL Someday you’ll take me to your beautifulAnd show me all the colors thereSomeday you’ll take me to your plentifulAnd show me time I’ve always had […]


Packin’ In My Dreams

45 years behind me I’m startin’, reachin’ for the dream I left my front porch crying Only tears of fear Then wiped my face To keep it crystal clear   You’re too old You’ll unfold They’ll laugh at your attempt Get back in the house! Cook a meal !! Don’t continue. Check the menu. The […]