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Missing Someone

If I Could Fly Tonight – A Poem about Missing Someone

If I Could Fly Tonight If I could fly tonight, To places I’ve never seen, My arms with the power to witness first hand great deeds accomplished by woman and man or worse know suffering, What would I choose, soaring above these incredible views, peering below my landing, my voice where do I go, what […]


When A Son Loses His Father

When a son loses his father was written for a difficult father son relationship that despite it’s challenges, still managed to find love..


A Father’s Day in Heaven – A Letter from Dad

Filed in Death Poetry, Family Love Poetry, Missing Someone by on June 18, 2015 2 Comments • views: 7637

A father’s day letter from Dad gifted to his daughter. Watch the video poem or read the words that honor the special relationship between father and daughter.


Poem about a Break Up – In The Darkness of the Night

Filed in Love Poetry, Missing Someone, Needing You Poetry by on May 16, 2009 1 Comment • views: 2727

Song Lyrics or a Poem about extreme sadness and being incredibly lonely from people breaking up or having trouble with their relationship


So Much of Me Belongs to You

Filed in Love Poetry, Missing Someone by on April 29, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2421

My love for you fell on my heart like the weight of ten thousand drops For I awoke from sleep, and I did weep Lonely is my heart for you The tears they fill my eyes as this pen scribbles words of love I want you so I want you to know Please don’t go […]


She Knew

Before he was born, she knew His hair would be blond and his eyes would be blue despite the darker locks of her other two she knew A God-given blessing, she knew Her love for her son would reach beyond true Before her father passed into the dew he left her life’s secret his gift […]


Monday to Sunday – A Poem about Missing Someone

Filed in Busy Life Poems, Life Poems, Love Poetry, Missing Someone by on April 26, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2239

On a Monday my time is depicted, the hours are carefully filled, the day is spent usually working, and my nights are eventually killed On Tuesday my thoughts still of working, again, it’s a Monday too late my nights are sometimes more active but that depends on my emotional state On Wednesday I anticipate little, […]


A Memorial Poem Dedicated to Someone Special Who Left Us Too Soon – Bonus: Featured Country Songs about Loss

Simple poetic words that honor the memory of those who have passed on, and who we’ll never forget. Bonus – a playlist of songs that speak about loss…


For Emily

Poem about the very complicated issue of a Mother’s choice: Dedicated to families who have endured this agonizing journey. An issue not to be judged, an issue strictly personal to each individual. Until we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, what do we really know? Compassion, not judgement could be our words of choice. […]