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Completely Useless – A Poem About Time Wasted Doing Housework

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A Poem About Frustration with What Seems Like Wasted Time Doing Housework

This poem about housework is how you find yourself having to do the same things over and over again and how frustrating that is.

Our responsibilities call us when what we really want is to forget all of our work and go play with our kids.

We dust, we vacuum and we do it again and again and again. It seems like such an impossible circle that we get trapped in.

This feeling came over me pretty strongly one Saturday morning. I had walked into the kitchen, looked around, looked outside and thought, crap! I really don’t want to clean this place today! I wanted to spend time outdoors with my kids. So while “whipping” through my housework (and I do mean “whipping”) this poem came to me.

So there I was, doing housework, and creating a poem about housework all at the same time; effective time management too.

Oh yeah, by the way, I did finish early enough to spend time outdoors with the kids. Hooray!


Leashes without dogs to lead around the corner
Fires without logs igniting dancing flames
Broiling days less sandcastles at the beach
Rainy days without umbrellas tucked under our arm
All completely useless
The front porch rocking chairs waiting
As undone work overwhelms our half open eyes
We can’t watch the kids play today
It seems so completely useless
The vacuum cleans the floor, two days from now,
Dust will invade, we do it again
The ultimate in completely useless
Needing the enemy disguising itself as sleep,
our confusion names it
The magnificent time waster, stop hogging the covers!
It is completely useless
Day to day struggles infecting our minds
Hiding in stolen moments of glory our intelligence screaming
Dwelling on our pain achieving self-destruction, we stop
Committing to faith, our chin to chest in heaving sobs
We give ourselves to God’s mercy
Knowing anything else to be completely useless

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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