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Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit! Check out These Creative Country Music Gifts

Filed in Country Music Gifts, Home Decor by on December 11, 2015 0 Comments • views: 2206

Don’t Know What to Get? Here You Go, Wild and Crazy Ideas that Separate You From All those Other Gift Givers!

So you’re a tad confused…you want to separate your present from what everyone else tends to get…Well, you’re in the right spot! This page is designed to help you find an original gift for the avid country music fan. What you won’t find here are Boxed CD Sets, but rather items that have a more unique country music spin to them! Gifts that demonstrate your careful selection and thought for that special person in your life.

As a Country Music Emotion Reviewer, I’m not only on the lookout for talent in the music industry, but also any creative, artistic and original items that fans would appreciate and love to receive.

Presents You Can Give Designed for the Home and Just Different Enough to Stand Out from the Rest

You don’t have to give just one, you can easily order several of them to make a set for the Grand ‘Ole Opry Fan. You can drink out of it as well; it holds up to 15 oz, however it’s suggested that you hand wash

this piece. If you’re planning this for a special occasion I would order it 3 months or more ahead of time to be sure you get it for the date you need.

How About a Guitar Area Rug?

How about a guitar rug for the country rock fan. This assortment of guitars would make a creative addition to any themed bedroom, office, music room or den. If the recipient is in a Band, even better! The best part is that this rug isn’t overly expensive making it an elaborate yet very affordable choice! By the way, it does come in two size options as well.

How About a Redneck Coat Rack?

The laughing you get from this might just be music to your ears! Put this one up in the foyer, and do exactly what’s in this graphic…put a chair below the Antlers and see who tries to hang up their coat. Maybe there should be a sign that says, ‘no drinking while trying to hang up your coat’.

You can also choose this one as funny holiday gift or even a comical house warming gift … mainly because it’s not expensive! When you’re looking to be original, a redneck coat rack qualifies.

Oh this is PERFECT for Your Classy, but Not Too CLASSY Friends

Country Music Wine Holder:┬áThere is no way on God’s green earth the person you’re shopping for has this! It’s not only creative it’s also hilarious!

What a terrific idea for the country music fan who appreciates their wine! Get their favorite wine and add this artsy bottle holder! It holds a 750ml bottle of wine. There are other guitar wine holders to choose from as well, and they’re all funny and creative!

Music Note Bedding

It’s not strictly country music, however a bedding covered in music notes is still pretty cool. If color, music and creative design are your thing, then you’ll appreciate the cheerful design of this duvet bedding set.

Use the bedding set to add color and music to the country music theme. Add country music wall decals, rugs, and accessories to finish off the space. With the variety of color that’s featured in the bedding, you’ll be able to pull out many colors in other items as you expand the theme.

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