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Country Music Party Decorations

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Go Hog Wild When Decorating for a Country Music Themed Party!

Whether it’s for a future star, or just a dedicated fan, a themed country music party can be a ton of fun! There are so many ways to incorporate country music into party decor…right down to the napkins!

You can achieve a successful country music themed party by focusing on the smallest decorating details; cups, plates, napkins, streamers, party hats, the loot bags, games and of course the music!

Easily theme out any celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries. Below you’ll find a collection of party decorations as well as several ideas you can use to bring country music to life for your special event!

Featured Video: Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup

How About Fun Country Music Napkins on the Table!

The napkins we choose to set a party table make a big difference – Because they’re usually placed at each setting, they become almost a statement of art that ties into the theme of the party.

These napkins don’t specifically say birthday, so they can easily be used for any type of planned celebration. They feature a guitar, a hat, bright lights and musical notes making them perfect for the music fan or star!

You can use these as a pretty way to add more art to the space by putting them in several areas or on several tables.

Keep the Party Theme Going with Matching Dessert Plates

You can keep the decorating theme going! If you would rather use regular plates for the main part of the party, you could easily come up with a compromise by using these party plates just for dessert or cake.

You could also add them throughout the space by putting treats, nuts, or candy on them. By using these plates for snacks, they become another affordable decor item that adds to the country music theme.

Johnny Cash Vinyl Record Bowl - Handmade Using An Original Johnny Cash RecordJohnny Cash Vinyl Record Bowl – Handmade Using An Original Johnny Cash Record



You have to Add these Red Solo Cup Lights!

You’re probably aware that they’re a play on the famous song by the same name! – Get a few strings and put them everywhere! Don’t forget to play the song as well 🙂

In fact, they’re not that pricy so you can easily get multiple sets of these to string all over the yard as a way to light up a dance floor or even as a way to light up the dinner/eating areas!

Lil' Reds Mini Cup Shot Glasses - Pack of 20 and Big Mouth Toys Red Cup Party Lights - BundleLil’ Reds Mini Cup Shot Glasses – Pack of 20 and Big Mouth Toys Red Cup Party Lights – Bundle


For Fancier Gatherings There’s These Pretty Musical Note Place Card Holders

If you need to use place cards to let your guests know where they need to sit, you can continue the music theme right down to the actual holders.

You’ll get these in sets of four, so be sure to order the amount you’ll need. Also, they can serve as double duty; tell your guests they can keep the holder as a token party favor, or you can simply include them inside party loot bags.

The lovely thing about these card holders is their plain color. This enables you to easily add them to a busy tablecloth without the worry of overdoing a particular pattern or design. The solid color will help soften and ground a busy decor.

Let the Star of the Party Wear a Cowboy Hat, Or Better Yet Get One for Everybody!

There’s no doubt that if you’re hosting a party with a lot of people, getting everyone a cowboy hat can be expensive. However, if it’s a smaller gathering then you could use these hats as a party prop as well as a ‘treat’ that’s part of their loot bag! Let them keep the hat, and give them a bag with a few goodies to go with it.

You could also just have one hat…So what can you do with just one hat? Well, if Karaoke is part of the party, each person that goes up to sing can put the hat on.

In fact, why not take it one step further and have them wear a country music western wig! that way they can really take on a role as they sing! Great way to stir up a lot of laughs too!

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