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Country Song about a Lost Summer Love and A Story to Go With It

A Lost Summertime Love Story Inspired by Luke Bryan’s Song, Roller Coaster

Young Summer Love May Be One of the Most Precious Joys We Get to Experience

Have you ever had a summer love that lasted for the length of your holiday and ended with you never seeing that person again? Well, you guessed it, there’s a country song for that, too!

Luke Bryan fans will love his latest new summer love song, Roller Coaster! What a fantastic tune!

For those of us who have long passed our single years, Roller Coaster will take you back to a time in your life when fun, sun, boys, girls, and travel had you tasting all the hopes and dreams you had ahead of you.

Do You Have a Summer Fling Love Story in Your Past?

I’ll never forget my summer love story that ended like this song. We met while backpacking through Europe and had an amazing and memorable summer together, and when our summer ended, we never saw each other again.

This teenage story happened long before I was married – I didn’t even know my husband then, and not to worry, he likes this story too – I guess over 30 years together makes him a tad secure!

My Youth-Filled Story of a Long Lost Summer Love

That summer, I was 17, going on 18 years old. The way we met was like something you’d see in a movie.

Touring multiple countries, my friend and I backpacked through Europe for two months: England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. What a trip!

The Sequence of events all began with a choice we made in Paris, France – Typical!

We had just finished our stay in Paris, and while catching the train to Madrid, some fun people we began chatting with suggested we make the trip to Pamplona, Spain, to see The Running of The Bulls. So, without a second thought, we changed our route and headed in that direction first.

Barb in Segovia Spain
I’ve cropped his photo out to respect his privacy – This is the Two of Us at the Top of Alcazar Castle in Segovia, Spain

On our way to Pamplona, we ended up in the middle of nowhere. We were on an old local train that I affectionately refer to as ‘The Cow Train,’ adorned with animals and wooden bench seats! Loved it!

Read on if you’re interested in when and where young summer love was found!

And This is Where My Heart Falls for That Guy on the Train

My friend and I strolled onto the ‘cow train’ to find our place on a ‘comfy’ wooden bench seat.

In front of us on the other side of the aisle and to our left was a group of American boys. Of course, this Canadian girl had no idea they were American at that time, but let’s face it, American Boys are pretty hot, just like Canadian guys, so there’s no way to tell them apart!

One of those handsome guys turned his head, and our baby blues caught one another; we both looked at each other for more than a moment, and with frequent turns, gazes, and smiles, we both knew we were about to meet, and it was going to matter to both of us.

The train stopped for a short break at a station, where we all went inside to have a cold drink. Yes, my summer love and I walked together, exchanging banter and asking questions about each other. I told him where in Canada I was from, and he told me where he was from in the United States…and it turned out we didn’t live that far from each other.

My friend and I and our new friends from the USA headed to Pamplona, Spain, and I can tell you that for a young girl soon to be 18 years old, this was probably one of the most romantic times in my life. We fell in summer love; yes, we did.

Our affection and mutual curiosity about our countries made for some fun conversations; we mostly quizzed each other about the Provinces, States, and Capitals of Cities. I did much better than he did on that front! But I was happy to give him a little more insight into this vast and gorgeous home I call Canada.

We teased each other about our accents, both denying we had them. He’d laugh at certain words and expressions, and I made sure I tossed in a lot of ‘Y’alls’ with loving sarcasm. It was all in fun, magnificently flirty, and drenched in youthful sexiness.

We spent time together in Pamplona, Segovia, and Madrid. We traveled together, toured castles together…what a wonderful time we had.

After we had finished touring Spain, he had to fly to Greece to meet friends, and my friend and I needed to continue our planned route to finish our holiday. But we arranged to meet again in London, England, at the end of our trip. We wanted to spend our final week together. And nearly three weeks later, that’s what we did.

Keep reading if you want to know what happened to our summer love!

Anxiously Waiting to See Him, I Jumped Into His Arms When We Met Up Again in London

I’ll never forget walking down the steps of the London hotel I was staying at, anxiously anticipating his arrival, when all of a sudden, peering to my right, I got a glimpse of him walking up the sidewalk towards me, and once again, just like in the movies, I ran towards him where, with girlish passion, I leaped into his arms! He spun me around; we hugged and kissed and laughed. We were so happy to be together again.

We spent an entire week in London touring the sites, eating Pizza, and going out at night; it was the time of my life. We had strangers come up to us several times to tell us that we made a beautiful couple and how good we looked together!

Sadly, the week had to end, and it hurt us both so much to say goodbye. At London Heathrow Airport, we hugged and kissed, and kissed, and kissed many times again. Leaving him standing at that airport gate while I boarded that plane back to Canada was heartbreaking.

With a pit in my stomach, I got on that plane and gazed out the window as we flew over the city of London; the air was clear, and I pictured him alone, still having to spend a few days in the city before he caught his plane to go home.

So what happened to us? Read on

We’ve Never Seen Each Other Since Then – The Last Time We Shared an Embrace was Our Goodbye at Heathrow Airport in 1978

Barb in Pamplona, Spain
Photo of Me taken High Atop a Hill in Pamplona, Spain 1978

When we were both home, he was in the US and me in Canada; he called, but we couldn’t get together.

Time passed, and life kicked back into place, and we both went on with our everyday routines. That was the last time we spoke to each other. I have no idea where he is or how he is.

Paths Destined to Never Meet Again?

You aren’t going to believe this, though; when I had just moved to Toronto at 19 years of age and living on my own, I called his house in the USA, and his mother answered and informed me that he was married. I responded, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s fine, thank you very much.’

Then, get this: about four or five years later, he called my parent’s home; he had apparently divorced and looked me up. My Mom then promptly informed him that I was married. I’m still married to that same man.

So, without a doubt, this passionate and heartwarming summer love song by Luke Bryan called ‘Roller Coaster’ sends me back in time to a moment that will always remain unscarred and perfect.

Like the song, this forever summer love will never see an ending. It was left unfinished and beautiful and will remain that way forever. Two loves parted company at Heathrow Airport in London, England, in 1978, never to see each other again; I like to think of us as Jack and Rose from the movie The Titanic. Forever Young.

A Message for My Long Lost Summer Love

Although life hasn’t always been easy, I’ve been able to hold onto happiness through all of it. My wish for my summer love those many decades ago is that he, too, found happiness.

So wherever you are today, we’ll always have Spain.

To Close My True Story of Summer Love, ‘We Danced Anyway’ by Deana Carter Always Brings Me Back to 1978 Spain and London

If you’ve never heard ‘We Danced Anyway,’ the lightness of this song and video reminds me of us: romantic travel, summertime love, and escaping our troubles.

If you’ve experienced ‘destination love,’ you’ll enjoy Deana’s song.

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