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A Country Song About a Past Love

Anything At All, by Autumn Hill asks the question we’ve probably all asked ourselves about a love from yesterday, ‘is there anything left of anything we had’. It’s certainly more likely that we’ll seek out the answer to this question if our relationship ended unfinished. The lyrics to Anything at All expresses how a couple feels about not being able to stay together even though part of each of them, still holds a candle for the other.

Have I crossed your mind in the middle of the day, Do you sweep it under rugs just to make it go away (Lyrics)

A past lost love that ended for all the wrong reasons never really ends. The words to this song essentially speak about a couple who just weren’t able to make it work despite their love; the ache in this question is felt by the listener in both the music and lyric.

Is there a small chance you’d ever want me back, Can you tell me right now should I unlock the door (Lyrics)

Love that’s been apart for decades has very little hope of being renewed; most of us change too much over time (at least, let’s hope we do..for the better). Young recently split love sometimes holds the hope of renewal, but it’s a catch 22 isn’t it …. when not enough time has passed, we probably haven’t changed enough for young love to survive getting back together.

About Country Music Duo, Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill is the name of a very talented Canadian Country Music Duo; Mike Robins from Toronto, Ontario and Tareya Green from Calgary, Alberta. Their debut album, featured above, is called ‘Favorite Mistakes’ and has a number of terrific songs, including Anything at All, Can’t Keep Waiting, Fire and their recent single release, ‘If She Wants this Town’ – Every one of these songs is a stand alone hit! Terrific talent!

Autumn Hill were nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Canadian Country Music Awards in 2013 as well as Breakthrough Group of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. This is only the beginning for these extremely talented artists! You can find Autumn Hill on Twitter and Facebook.


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