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Country Song about a Relationship Not Working – Has She Become the Enemy

This pain is expressed in the lyrics of Martina McBride’s 2002 hit song, ‘Where Would You Be,’ a country song about a relationship that’s not working.

They’re still together, but both of them know there’s a problem: She’s sensing his heart is somewhere else, and worse, she feels like he no longer wants her around.

She wonders if he would prefer to be alone or does he wish she were someone else. Is she holding him back from who he wants to be? Wanting to ask the question that’s on her mind, she wonders..‘ where would you be if you weren’t here with me, who would love.’

The song effectively paints a visual and audible experience o how lack of communication affects a couple. It’s like peeking into someone’s home and watching their struggling relationship unfold.

It’s more than sad when a couple can’t find common ground, especially if they’ve been together for several years. Often, if not most times, it’s the crumbling couple’s loss of ability, desire, and pure resolve to connect that puts the final nail into the relationship.

Have I Become the Enemy

Near the song’s end, the lyric asks, ‘Have I become the enemy? Is it hard to be yourself in my company’ – The toxic dynamic of one partner feeling they’re holding back another is often destined for challenging times. It’s terrible to live with emptiness like this; unfortunately, most of us have at some point.

About the Song, Where Would You Be

This country song about a relationship not working was written by Rachel Proctor and Rick Ferrell and released in May of 2002 from Martina McBride’s Greatest Hits album as the third single. It reached number 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

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