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Country Song About Alcoholism

Karolina by Jann Arden, Featuring Autumn Hill – A Story of Alcoholism Expressed in an Unexpected Bouncy Tune

Her addiction has swallowed up her life to booze, and ‘she’s afraid she’s drowning on dry land’ (Lyrics)

In this country song about alcoholism, she’s trying to find who she is meant to be.

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This life isn’t the life she had planned. But her fight, this war, is bigger than all the mountains she’s ever faced. It owns her. She hates that MORE than she hates the bottle.

This secret is killing her.

How does she find her way? She’s already lost everything that was once real.

Lies are so much easier.

Calling her name, that bottle waits patiently for her shaking hands. She wants to throw that evil friend against the wall.

She fights this urge that is now a part of her. Then she decides that tomorrow is the day this frenemy gets turfed.

Tomorrow, yes, that’s the perfect day to change.


She personally knows too much about tomorrow. It’s her closest friend now. It’s the friend she calls when the bottle beats her down.

She’ll do it for sure tomorrow.

This is not the life that she had planned.

The more she loses in life, the more she needs that drink. The more she drinks, the more she loses.

Tomorrow will be different.

Yes, the lies are easier.

About Karolina

Karolina by Canadian Country Music Artist Jann Arden, featuring Canadian Duo Autumn Hill, is a terrific country song that captures the listener with its conflicting bouncing music and deeply painful lyrics.

Upon first hearing the song, the listener is immediately taken to a ‘happy place’; however, the words shut that down, as does the beautiful, powerful video.

It’s a serious message wrapped in a pink bubblegum bounce, and I love the song! I hope you enjoy it as well.

Jann Arden fans can find more about her on her website. Autumn Hill fans can find more on their website here.

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