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Country Song About Being Mad

I Just Wanna Be Mad, by Terri Clark

We can’t always be calm, cool, and collected; sometimes, we need to be mad for a while. As the lyrics to this fun song by Terri Clark imply, we need to go through them to get past our feelings.

With life tossing us unexpected changes, and many of us not too keen on changes, Terri Clark sings it best when she sings, ‘I think I’m right I think you’re wrong, I’ll probably give in before long’ knowing compromise will become the order of the day.

Whether You’ve Been Married to Your Job or a Person for 7 Years…Things Happen and Yes, ‘You’re Going to Want to be Mad for a While’

There’s only so much we can do when things aren’t working out the way we believe they’re supposed to, and deciding how to get through a situation doesn’t mean we aren’t permitted to address our anger…so yes, go ahead and be mad for a while!

As the Country Music Contributor for a company that’s unfortunately  ‘no-more,’ it’s safe to say that the lyrics to this bouncy country song have special meaning. As Terri Clark says to her significant other in the lyrics…‘ We’ve been married 7 years now, some days it feels like 21′. As a writer married to that former writing platform for seven years, the story told in this angry country song fits perfectly – replace the guy with the job! So whether you need to be mad at a person or a situation, you can bet someone’s written a song that works!

Country Music has the power to take our innermost emotions and transfer them into song. It rarely lets us down. There’s certainly a country song for any emotion. So if you need to be mad for a while, this could undoubtedly be your theme song of the day.

Terri Clark’s Song is the Perfect Choice to Honor a Lovers Spat! – Honor? Crazy way to put it!

If you’ve listened to the song above already, you know this tune is about a couple who’ve been together for seven years and who happen to be angry with each other.

Actually, with the lyrics being sung by Terri Clark, a female, it’s a better choice for a woman who’s upset with her significant other. But not to worry, guys, you can use this one for a dedication if you need it…it still applies. Anger is Anger.

In the lyrics, she’s been up since 5 am thinking about ‘me and you’…and she’ll probably get over it and ultimately give in; however, she needs him to forget about trying to woo her back…no, running his fingers through her hair, no goodbye kiss either…just get out of the way for right now, ’cause she’s not in the mood for smiling! She’s on the warpath, and I’m afraid any attempt to win her back will fail until she’s had time to process what happened!

Relationships are complicated, and as per the principle of Occam’s Razor, the simplest solution is usually the best, and in this case, that would be to get out of this tornado’s way…she just needs to be mad; for a while!

About ‘I Just Wanna Be Mad for a While’ by Terri Clark

You’ll find ‘I Just Wanna Be Mad for a While’ on Terri Clark’s 2002 Album entitled ‘Pain to Kill.’ The song was written by Kelley Lovelace and Lee Thomas Miller and released in August of 2002 as the first single. No surprise that the song’s emotion more than likely helped it reach number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. Other accolades for this hit tune include a nomination for a Juno Award and Country Recording of the Year in 2003.

Fans of Terri Clark can follow her on Twitter and via her Website.

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