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A Country Song About Being Married Over 50 Years

Love Like Crazy, by Lee Brice – A Country Song About Being Married Over 50 Years

This song became part of a family memory several years ago when it started playing on my car radio; suddenly, mom calmly said, ‘this song sounds like your dad and me.’ My ears perked up; it isn’t like mom to speak about the lyrics of a song. The next chance I had, I played the song again and listened very carefully to the words, and while doing so, cast my mother and father in the story.

‘They Called Them Crazy When They Started Out, Said 17’s too Young to Know What Loves About’

Mom and Dad started dating young, around 15 or 16. If I’m not mistaken, my mom and Dad were engaged when mom was 17, broke up for a few years, then in her 19th year in 1959, reconnected and have been together until Dad passed in 2013. But they’re still together, just temporarily in different places.

‘Just ask him how he did it; he’ll say, “Pull up a seat, It’ll only take a minute, To tell you everything’ <—And with my Dad, you’ll want to listen!

We miss you so much, Dad; this pain will never end. I talked to mom yesterday, saying how much we missed you. The lyrics in the song say it as Dad would have; ‘Be a best friend, tell the truth, And overuse ‘I love you,’ Go to work, do your Best’ …don’t outsmart your common sense…AND LOVE LIKE CRAZY!

There aren’t enough words in the English language that can explain just how much my Dad and my mom love; yes, they love like crazy. Life wasn’t always perfect, but there was a lot of love; we all knew how much we were loved. Mom and Dad built an amazing life and overcame many challenges.

‘They Called Him Crazy When He Quit His Job’ – Although Dad didn’t quit, he did accept a new opportunityA Country Song About Being Married Over 50 Years that meant we had to move away

Mom tells me the story of when that job opportunity came up: Dad asked her, ‘should I take it’…she said ‘YES’ take a chance, do it…and so we moved across the country, and often moved in those early years..but mom was always there supporting their choices. Dad’s work meant he had to travel a lot, and when he was out of town, mom did a fantastic job on her own with us kids. I know it wasn’t always easy for her, but she NEVER complained about that. She was a rock, and she still is.

‘Just ask Him How He Made It, He’ll tell You Faith and Sweat and the Heart of a Faithful Woman’

The song sums up their life story in these few simple words, ‘they called them crazy when they started out, they’ve been together for over 58 years now, ain’t that crazy’. Dad passed away in 2013 in their 54th year of marriage. There’s a massive hole in our family and an empty chair that will always belong to Dad. We were all blessed with crazy love, and that crazy love lives on; ain’t that crazy.

Who is Country Music Artist Lee Brice

Lee Brice, born June 10th, 1979, is a very talented country music artist who has not only had success with his hit songs, such as ‘I Drive Your Truck,’ ‘A Woman Like You’ and ‘Hard to Love,’ but has also co-written songs with several very famous country music names such as The Eli Young Band, Tim McGraw, Adam Gregory, and Garth Brooks. He’s received numerous prominent accolades in the music industry, including winning Single of the Year, Breakthrough Artist in 2013 for ‘I Drive Your Truck.’

Lee Brice is Unofficially an Honorary Member of Our Family Through Song – Here’s How

My mother said to me that ‘Love Like Crazy’ could be a story about her and Dad as well as ‘I Don’t Dance.’ During the hospital vigil, when Dad was passing, my brother and I drove my father’s truck back and forth from the hospital, and often ‘I Drive Your Truck’ would play on the radio. You could cut our pain with a knife, yet this song, also sung by Lee Brice, will stay with me forever. I treasure those truck rides, just my brother and I, in my father’s truck, as much as I treasure the love we all have for each other. It will forever and always be a marker in our lives. I guess Lee Brice is an unofficial part of our family. There’s no doubting the power of country music, ‘ain’t that crazy.’

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  1. What a touching story. We’ll be celebrating our 51st year later this month. Love your site.

  2. Barbara, thanks for the visit and lovely comment – 51years!! congratulations to you both; beautiful.

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