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Country Song about Being Strong Through Hard Times

You Feel Like a Candle in a Hurricane (Lyrics)

You’ve made an enormous life decision; you’ve hit what you consider to be your current ‘rock bottom,’ and you’re not going to take it anymore…no more self-pity, no more bad habits, no more excuses, no whining, no blaming and most of all, no more wasting time!….you’ve decided to ‘Stand.’

This life hasn’t been easy for you, and you’re done wondering why! Your new thought process is, ‘who cares why!’ It is what it is, and by-gawd, you need a theme song to go with that new attitude! …One to keep you on track. If this is where you are in life, then ‘Stand’ by Rascal Flatts should be front and center on your playlist.

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A Country Song About Being Strong Through Hard Times – Stand, by Rascal FlattsA Country Song About Staying Strong Through Hard Times

Play and replay this every day until it’s a part of your subconscious. Granted, you’ll have to play it a lot for that to happen, but if you’re going to fill your mind with “stuff,” it may as well be something inspirational with a tinge of ‘butt-kicking’ behind it! You won’t be disappointed with the lyrics to ‘Stand’….they’re powerful and a perfect fit for a morphing life – If you’re a Caterpillar whose about to turn into a Butterfly…listen to this song.

I’ve put together a collection of several additional fantastic country songs about change and wanting more in life; you can find that entire set here. You’ll be able to read a little about each before you listen, that way you’re not having to go through the process of listening to a song to determine whether it fits your current life situation.

A Little About Rascal Flatts Album ‘Me and My Gang’ Featuring ‘Stand’

This album is jam-packed with terrific songs! It features 14 tunes, including three more you’re probably already very familiar with, ‘My Wish,’ ‘What Hurts the Most,’ and ‘Me and My Gang.’ The album was released April 4th, 2006 and hit the mark as being the highest debut album for that year. It sat at #1 on the Billboard 200 for three weeks. It achieved even more record-breaking stats by being the second best selling album and the best selling country album for that year.

Fans of Rascal Flatts can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or their Website.

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