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Country Song About Being There For You – You Love Her and Need a Song To Express Just How Much She Means to You

If you’re looking for a heartfelt song about being there for her… one that promises she can trust and depend on you …. then One Breath by Adam Gregory deeply articulates the true promise of never ending love. The lyrics are hauntingly moving as they say to her … ‘Trust in me, and I will never let you down’‘For me there’ll never be anybody else but you’.

Guys, We Women Are Strong, but Sometimes We Just Want You to Take the Lead – ‘I Wanna Know What it Takes to Be Your Man’ – Lyrics that Show You’re Interested in What She Really Needs

In this crazy world of to-do lists, busy days, family needs, constant work, and sometimes worry overload, we women are exhausted. We understand that you are as well, but if you want to show you deeply care, then going to the trouble of planning a romantic night …. one we don’t have to do the thinking for …. is probably one of the best gifts you can give to show your love. It doesn’t have to be elaborate either; a quiet candle lit dinner at home, with heartfelt conversation, then take that lead one step further by wrapping us in your arms, body to body dancing to One Breath.The simplest things say more than you probably realize…as the song says, ‘Touch my hand, if I ever feel that you’re weak, Lay your head here on my shoulder when you need, Tell your secrets to me when they get too heavy’. Chivalry still matters.

About Country Music Artist, Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory is a Canadian singer songwriter born July 12, 1985. He’s been active on the Country Music scene since he was 15 years old in 2000 with his first Album, ‘The Way I’m Made’ which featured two chart topping singles, ‘Horseshoes, ‘Only Know I Do’ as well as ‘No Vacancy’. I remember watching him on CMT Canada back then…he was so young! He’s recorded a total of five studio albums with his most recent release being in 2012, called ‘Different Places’.

More about Adam Gregory on his Website, Facebook and Twitter.


On Amazon: Adam Gregory’s self titled Album includes ‘One Breath’ as well as his Album Different Places:

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