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Country Song about Doing What She Likes – Good Intentions turn Hot

You’ll Find ‘Doing What She Likes’ on this CD: Based On A True Story…by Blake Shelton

A Country Song about Doing What She Likes!

Blake Shelton’s song and video, Doin’ What She Likes, may inspire you to do what she likes, but don’t let the evening end like this video ends! Beware, this song is addicting! Just hearing the lyrics without the video still draws you in, but the deal is sealed with the video.

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Blake is as Cute as a Button in this Video

That heading was for Adam Levine (since the two of them are always poking jabs at each other on The Voice!) – Adam, you can’t deny that Blake is incredibly cute in this video! Adam, ask yourself, “have I gone the extra mile for my lady love, cooked dinner, ran a bath, dropped a path of rose petals, lit candles, then burnt the house down?” Well, let’s hope you haven’t. At least Blake did it in the video, and in the process, has another hit song. Oh, snap.

What’s Meant to be a Fun Evening for Miranda turns out to be Work for the Fire Department.

The video starts with Blake calling Miranda to ask if she wants to dine at home for the evening. You hear her cute voice say yes to that proposal. Then Blake begins the cooking, the romantic touches, and mood-setting only to have a little accident happen, the candles around the tub caught the drapes on fire and, you guessed it, next cut to the fire department hosing down his burning house. Miranda calls Blake, and he suggests, on second thought, why don’t we dine out for the evening. He quickly tells her she doesn’t have to come home because he’ll head right over to pick her up.

His last comment to Miranda reminds me how my husband would break any bad news to me. After chatting casually about ‘why don’t I just head over to pick you up,’ he then slips in the prelude to his breaking the news that the house is burning down…’ hey, you’ll never guess what happened’ – I laughed thinking that’s just what my husband would say.

Song TitleGet SongVideo
Boys 'Round HereOfficial Video
Sure Be Cool
if You Did
Official Video
My EyesOfficial Audiio
Doin' What She LikesOfficial Video
Mine Would Be YouOfficial Video
Country on the RadioOfficial Audio
Small Town Big TimeOfficial Audio
Ten Times CrazierOfficial Audio
Do You RememberOfficial Audio
Grandaddy's GunOfficial Audio
I Still Got a FingerOfficial Audio
I Found Someone
(Bonus Track)
Lyric Video
Lay LowOfficial Audio
Frame of Mine
(Bonus Track)
Audio Video

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