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A Country Song About Everything a Man Should Be

(Lyrics) He was like Moonshine, He was Strong as Hell, Like that Old Dirt Road, had a Story to Tell

These lyrics caused me to stop in my tracks.

The contradiction between the upbeat music and reflective lyrics expressed in the country song ‘MoonShine’ by Canadian Country singer Alee makes this the hit song it’s destined to be.

How Lyrics, Especially Told Through the Stories of Country Music, Meet You Where You Live

It was a gorgeous morning. Soaking up the sun’s warmth and the wind’s power, the fifty-tall cedar trees in our backyard waved in agreement with me. Dad was on my mind again, with my face arched to that glorious beam.

Since Dad’s passing, I’ve found myself unwittingly calling upon the greatest gift, his most incredible love. That love continues to fuel me and will continue to do so, forever.

His Strength Handed me the Gift of Hope No Matter the Hardship: It Lives Inside, Eternally Lit

Where did I learn this?

How did I master it?

How did I even know this incredible fortitude and appreciation for life was a part of me?

From My Dad.

….he was like moonshine, he was strong as hell, like that old dirt road, had a story, didn’t know it then but now I see, he was everything to me…

He didn’t know what he was teaching me, but the spirit of a daughter watching him over a lifetime knew. I learned it all through the lens of love, along with laughs, punishments, hugs, a soft place to land when life was too hard, an ear filled with guidance, encouragement, teasing, fun, and integrity, all of it protectively wrapped with a pretty pink bow made of solid rock called, unconditional love. I never doubted. Not once. Not ever. Even when I wasn’t a happy camper, yes especially then, I knew he loved all of us.

No, he wasn’t perfect. But that didn’t matter. In the end, his perfection of spirit outweighed his failings. Who the hell is perfect anyway..not me? He must have been damn close to it, though: He raised one mother-of-a-strong-daughter – Me. That man was a father.

…He was constant, always stayed the same, Seasons came and went but he never changed, Didn’t know it then but now I see, He was everything a man should be, He was everything to me…

My intangibles were taught outside the classroom, and this man became my greatest teacher. Yet, if you had the chance to ask Dad, who received all of his knowledge through practical living if that were the case, he would say, nest, I didn’t grasp all he left me until after he passed away.

…It’s not the same without you here…And goodbye seems too hard for me, now that you’ve left us, There’s one more angel singing now…

Preparing for another day with centered focus gained from mindful thought, the star of the show, Dad’s smiling face, his memorial pamphlet, greets me daily in my mirror. He’s become my reflection.

I will forever be able to pass down the most valuable thing I own: a piece of Dad who now lives inside my children.

(Lyrics) Oh and every day I would wait

I would pray he could stay here with me 

No, I don’t want to let go

I hope you’ve found your way home


Alee is a talented singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Moonshine was written for her Grandfather. Her music nominations are up; in 2014 she took home the ACMA’s Female Artist of the Year. Fans of Alee can find more about her on her Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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