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A Country Song about Having a Great Time – When Life Gets a Little Heavy Lighten it Up with this Song

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Life is too damn short to forget about having fun or to forget those moments when we had the time of our life…

Setting the World on Fire by Kenny Chesney and Pink is your motivation-for-movement song as you run errands, work, clean up, or cook. It’s infectious! … Better yet, forget all that crap, blast this tune, and grab the hand of the one you love right this very minute and cut a rug or three right where you’re standing! If standing isn’t in the cards, seat-dance … it’s just that kind of song – cheerful, a little bit nostalgic, and best of all, it fills you with a bounce and makes you feel good.

Celebrating Being Alive and Enjoying Each Other While You Unwind Into a Night of Fun

If you’re starting your catalog of fun memories, you’ll recognize your spirit, energy, and drive in these lyrics.

The song reminds us to soak up every second of our youth. Time goes by too fast, and the carefree lyrics of this country song about having a great time give us permission to get up off our asses and have fun!

Lyrics “Wrote I love you in lipstick on the mirror
We were shoutin’ out the window, like they could hear us at the pier
Said “Do you think we’ll live forever?”
As we killed another beer”

For those who have already danced the soles off their soul, the lyrics bring you back to your wilder, crazier self – A time when you were free-spirited to a much-needed fault. It’s a cliche, and here it is again …. it ain’t over til it’s over, so turn up the volume and sing like the fool you know you can be!

Lyrics “Up all night and we were feelin’ so good
Yeah, we got a little higher than we probably should
We were in a hotel singin’ in the hallway lights
We were strikin’ the matches right down to the ashes
Setting the world on fire, setting the world on fire”

You Know A Song Destined for Number One When You Hear It

Pure and simple, Setting the World on Fire by Kenny Chesney and Pink is a hit!

The song was written by Ross Copperman, Matt Jenkins, and Josh Osborne and released on July 28, 2016. It is the second single for Kenny Chesney’s upcoming 17th studio album Cosmic Hallelujah. Release to Pop and Adult radio is scheduled for September 12, 2016.

Setting the World on Fire‘ is currently ranking second on iTunes Top 10 Country Music Song list and is moving up Country Music Billboard, ranking 5th today ….. prediction, destined for number 1.

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