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Country Song about Hope – I Wanna Believe There’s a Change on the Way

If you’ve never heard ‘Hope’ by Chad Brownlee, take a few minutes out of your day right now to listen to it.

When going through challenging times, this song has the power to ignite possibilities … even when you feel none exist. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we rarely get through this life without tunneling various levels of darkness, and when we’re in the middle of what seems like a massive, all-consuming black hole, it isn’t easy to imagine digging our way out.

Having had to claw my way up some of the most torturous mountains in life, I’ve learned that our problems are never as bad as they seem. Unfortunately, such wisdom usually never visits us until years later when we’re safely seated at that much coveted objective table called ‘reflection.’

(Lyrics) ‘…And I wanna believe there’s a change on the way and a voice in the wind..and I wanna see when I look to the sky, the phoenix rise…’

Please don’t despair. If you landed on this page because you’re struggling, know you’ll get through this. Where there is hope, there is light…whenever I’ve found myself battling a trial so painful that even catching a breath seemed difficult, hope was the flashlight that led me out. Only hope sparks light, and once you’ve found that spark, belief kicks in, and before you know it, solutions present themselves.

So, no matter your plight, seek out the tiniest measure of hope…that’s how you start. That’s where I’ve started. As time passes, you’ll find yourself seated at the reflection table, looking back in amazement at your strength: All of it was born from hope.

About Country Music Artist Chad Brownlee

This isn’t my first rodeo writing about Chad Brownlee’s music; you can read another review of his incredible song about a father and son.

‘Hope’ can be found on Chad’s 2010 self-titled album. He’s released three albums: Chad Brownlee in 2010, Love Me or Leave Me in 2012, and The Fighters in 2014. He’s received numerous accolades in Country Music, including a nomination for Country Album of the Year for Love Me or Leave Me at the 2013 Juno Awards. His fans are sure glad he’s left his professional hockey career for country music!

You can Find More about Chad Brownlee on His Website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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