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A Country Song About Kids Growing Up

Then They Do by Trace Adkins – A Moving Country Song About Kids Growing Up

One of these decades I’ll find the words to describe a mother’s love for her children. They’re born to us, and at that moment we understand that our heart is no longer ours. Cliche, yes. Nonetheless, true.

We have so much to look forward to; first smiles, first words, first steps, a first birthday and year after year, if we’re lucky, we are blessed with holidays, laughter, and many more firsts.

All of these firsts scare the hell out of us. Some of them will involve tears ranging from groundings, to scraped knees, to broken hearts. But we draw comfort from the fact that while they’re little, we can scoop them up, wipe away their tears and confidently tell them it’s all going to be ok.

We know they’ll be arguments with the occasional ‘I hate you’ thrown in, and we’re still grateful. We know how tired we’ll be and most of all, how most of the time we’ll second guess ourselves, but yes, we’re still grateful. For as long as they live at home we can give and get that daily hug, support them during times of crisis and put our foot down when they’re falling off track. Yes, we’re grateful for that.

Without a doubt we’ll scream both out loud and in our minds…’I can’t wait til you grow up‘…‘wait til you see what’s it like on your own‘….and all of a sudden, before we can say, where did 20 years go…. “And Then They Do‘.

THEN THEY DO, by Trace Adkins

‘Then they Do’ is a country song about kids growing up, leaving home, and taking our hearts with them once again, but this time it’s a helpless feeling – for the first time we understand what ‘powerless’ really means. Our babies are all grown up, but not to us; to us they’ll always be little. But they’re not little, and we have to resort to something we taught our children…to have faith and to trust. We hope to master that someday.

About the Song

The song was written by Jim Collins and Sunny Russ and recorded by Trace Adkins in 2003. It reached #9 on the US Hot Country Billboard that year. Fans of Trace Adkins can find him on his Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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