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An Empathetic Country Song About Life Passing You By

An Empathetic Country Song that Speaks about How Life Hasn’t Turned out the Way You Planned

Stop for Me, by Carolyn Dawn Johnson – ‘I Always Thought This Train Would Stop for Me’ (Lyrics) – A country song about life passing you by

You had big plans for your life, you were so determined, and it wasn’t blind determination either; you’ve worked hard to make your dreams come true. You’ve never expected anything without working for it, and you really thought that would count for something.

Today, at this moment in your life, you’re feeling so disappointed. You were sure you would eventually get to where you wanted to be, and you always ‘thought this train would stop for you’. But there you are, metaphorically sitting on a suitcase on top of all your days, til your train arrives.

(Lyrics) ‘You Didn’t Understand that You Could Have Pockets Overflowing with Determination…You gave it all you had with no congratulations and still find yourself at the bottom of the hill…’

From the time you started building your dream, you were sure that all the hard work and planning would result in your plans coming to fruition, and right now, you find yourself reflecting on what seems like your own lifetime of naivety.

You started out in your youthful purpose with plans so grand you could only see the sun as far as the eyes and mind could see. You’ve stayed focused, mostly positive and best of all driven…but today isn’t a good day for you. You’re feeling left behind, and every time that train of opportunity rolls by, all you see are the ‘passenger seats taken’. There never seems to be any room for you. With tears rolling down your face, you wonder, ‘when will this train stop for me’.

We all Have Bad Moments in Life, and ‘Stop for Me’ by Carolyn Dawn Johnson lends an Empathic Ear with it’s Reflective Lyrics

Acknowledging our bad days, and allowing ourselves to feel the pain we need to feel is an important step to moving forward. If you need a song that understands your agony, this is the song. The first time I heard it, I sat down, listened to every word she sang, and cried. I began thinking of my own dreams and plans, and also those of everyone of us collectively. So many are struggling to be heard, when perhaps the real answer rests in the listening.

If Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s song resonates with you at this moment, then my heart goes out to you and I do hope that you can get passed these feelings of defeat and move onto the next stage of emotional growth….and beautifully expressed in the lyrics by the famous Rascal Flatts song of the same name, Stand.

Stop For Me Featured on Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s Album ‘Love Rules’

Canadian Award Winning Country Music Artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson released ‘Love Rules’ in 2010. It features 12 terrific songs in total including ‘Stop for Me’ and ‘Reach You’. Don’t Miss ‘Reach You‘, it’s a fantastic song! Find more about Carolyn Dawn Johnson on her Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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