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A Country Song About Losing Your First Love – ‘I got the boy, she got the man’

A Song that can be Understood by Women from Both Perspectives

(Lyrics) “I got the first kiss, and she’ll get the last, She’s got the future, I got the past, I got the class ring, she got the diamond and wedding band, I got the boy, she got the man.”

‘I Got the Boy’ by Jana Kramer – A Country Song About Losing Your First Love

How many women can relate to this song? I’ll venture a guess it’s a lot. Even if you’re lucky enough to have married your one and only, you probably know someone who fits these lyrics perfectly.

Did You Get the Man?

Maybe you’re the future in this tune, the one who got the man: The one who didn’t know him during spring break, the class ring, or when his hair was long. You know, when he was that irresponsible hothead who, today, isn’t anywhere near his younger self.

The lyrics in the song ask this question, ‘If things were different and I had a choice, which would I choose’ – the boy or the man? Since you’re the one who handed him his ‘last kiss,’ I’m guessing you’re happy with how it all worked out.

Did You Get the Boy?

You’re his past, his yesterday. Your lips only knew his before the exercise of life shaped him with responsibility; before he knew who he was, or who he wanted to be.

You were his love when his dreams were scattered and ever-changing. You watched him participate in numerous youthful indiscretions and perhaps felt he wouldn’t outgrow his never-ending changes. Maybe you believed he’d never reach his potential; that he lacked the discipline to do it. But it turns out, he did.

Today’s he’s cleaned up, and if you didn’t know his name, you wouldn’t recognize him. He’s grown into that responsible dream chaser you didn’t stay with. You were both young, and the grown-up, you can’t blame yourself for lacking the insight to see all that he could be. After all, ‘he got the girl,’ and someone else may now have ‘the woman.’

(Lyrics) “I saw your picture in a paper, Honeymoon in Jamaica, she’s a lucky girl
You look so grown up in your black tux, from a ball cap in a pick up, seems like another world
You and me and our big dreams, falling in love
We were two kids in the backseat, all fearless and young”

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[Click to Tweet] – #Igottheman, she got the boy

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Maybe You Got the Boy and the Man?

You got the boy, and she got the man. She got the boy, and you got the man. Both have happened.

I guess that both angles fit your life. Maybe you’re reflecting about the one who got away right this minute, or perhaps you’re mind’s flying back to that long lost summer love. If so, I can relate, but then again, most women can.

The river in a woman’s heart runs deep, it’s forever flowing, but the right man knows how to sail that river, and of course, helps you toss all the other fish back in the sea.

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About ‘I Got the Boy’ by Jana Kramer

The sentimental rasp of this lyrically reflective tune is ace. The song was written by Jamie Lynn Spears, Tim Nichols and Connie Harrington. It’s quite interesting how the song came to life; you can read about it here in RollingStone.

Jana Kramer is a country music artist and actress. You may recognize her from her role as Alex Dupre on the TV series One Tree Hill. In 2013 she won Top New Female Artist at the ACM Awards. Her other hits include ‘Why Ya Wanna‘ and ‘I Won’t Give Up.’

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  1. Merry says:

    Sweet and sad at the same time. Lovely song and singer too. We do all have the past and the future in our lives, don’t we?

  2. Merry, thanks for stopping by. I think so, certainly more women that do than don’t.

  3. Margaret says:

    Barbara, I got the man, and I bless my stars for him every night! Thanks for another wonderful country music review. Pinning!

  4. Thanks Margaret, and you got a great guy too!

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