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Country Song about Loving Her So Much it Hurts

Don’t Miss Another Great Country Song About Loving Her, by Brad Paisley, ‘Perfect Storm’

(Lyrics) She Destroys me in that T-shirt, and I love her So Much it Hurts; I never meant to fall like this; she don’t just rain, she pours; that girl right there’s the Perfect Storm

Do you have that effect on him? Does he love you so much that he can’t think straight? I hope he does! There’s nothing in this world like that kind of love and that kind of heat!

In Perfect Storm, by Brad Paisley, he sings about how she sends him off the deep end… in a good way, of course!. He loves everything about her, all her moods! He takes the good with the bad. Who wouldn’t love to be loved like that?

The lyrics invite you into a love story that, if you don’t have in your life right now, you want in your life right now! As a woman, it’s the kind of love that makes us want to give one thousand percent of ourselves to him and our relationship.

In the lyrics, he talks about how to make her laugh, blush, or get her mad at him. Now, come on, people, you must admit, this is the kind of man totally in tune with his lady’s soul; he knows what makes her tick. Trust me on this: most of us who are privileged to have a significant other who knows us this well end up knowing and loving them equally.

(Lyrics) And I love her just the way God made her: Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

I laughed when I heard the line ‘Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane’ – This is how my husband would describe me. Many times, as I’m standing there with my hands perched on my hips, giving him ‘what-for’ for something or another, he’ll stare at me and smile and then, at the end of my rampage, blurt out, ‘That’s why I LOVE HER!’ – Seriously, who can ‘keep-a-mad-on’ when someone pulls out that card!

For me, Perfect Storm by Brad Paisley reminds me of my relationship. I can drive him nuts, wild, or any other emotion that is necessary for the moment, and most of the time, he’ll take it like a man…and I love him for that. It makes life a little more fun!

Did My Husband Write This Song Just for Me?

Well, of course not! Darn. Brad Paisley co-wrote the song with Lee Thomas Miller and co-produced it with Luke Wooten. It’s the second single from Brad’s latest home-run album, Moonshine in the Trunk.

Songs Like This Bring Out the Fun in My Marriage! How About You?

Whenever a song about ‘how much he loves her’ or ‘how she makes him a better man,’ I shout to my hubby, ‘Hey hon, listen, here’s another song for me from you!‘. It makes him laugh every time. Mission accomplished!

I’m away visiting family right now, and I just emailed him this song and said looks like you’ve written another song for me!’ … to make him laugh again. I checked my email, and he responded, ‘The perfect storm is right! And yes, I love you so much it hurts.

We’ve been together for over 30 years now, so it doesn’t matter what life dishes out; so long as we can laugh, tease, love, and have fun…the rest is easy. We’ve been to hell and back in this marriage, but laughter has been the glue for love.

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