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A Country Song about Missing Dad or Anyone Who is No Longer By Your Side

I Still Miss You, by Keith Anderson – A Country Song About Missing Dad

Dads’ gone 15 months on the 5th of June 2014 and with it being Father’s Day this month I wanted to dedicate another powerfully worded song that expresses what I’m feeling.

I Don’t Know How to Let You Go, You Are So Deep Down in My Soul…(Lyrics)

Over the years, I’ve unfortunately lost people in my life, however, this kind of pain…the loss of my dad…has required me to call upon myself in ways I can’t describe. I understand it sounds odd to hear words like ‘call upon myself’ in relation to a parent’s passing, butĀ that’s how I feel right now..15 months later. There isn’t another person on the planet..not my loving mother, brothers, husband, kids, or friends who can know my daily internal pain the way I know it. Of course other people who have experienced this kind of loss completely understand what I’m saying, and certainly I’m not trying to diminish the deep pain other members of my family are feeling…I’m just saying that it’s unique to each of us…a rather lonely experience.

I Never Knew Til You Were Gone How Many Pages You Were On…(Lyrics)

As dad’s only daughter, despite his personal struggles, he was always there for me, and all of a sudden I’m without that rock…everything looks so different to me now ..and it’s causing me to ‘call upon myself’. Lately, I’ve been feeling more independent than ever before…I think it’s because, this is the very first time in life, I feel a pain inside that is completely and totally unique to me; I treasure it and hate it all at the same time.

I’ve Done Everything to Move On Like I’m Suppose to, I’d Give Anything for One More Minute With You…(Lyrics)

I’ve written quite a bit about dad over the past year, and I sense that people may think I should be ‘moving on’ by now…but the truth is, I’ll never get over this….don’t want to get over this…instead, I’m just learning to live with it. I find myself looking for spiritual signs of you dad, and I’ve had many, and although that’s not enough, I guess those small signs will have to do ’til we meet again.

Changing Seasons Are the Hardest Right Now

As we begin the exit of spring and the entry to summer, again, I find myself looking for Dad. My trips home, on the highway of my life, are more frequent this time of year, and arriving at our family homeĀ  without dad sitting in his chair is still brutal…empty in fact. I get through it by trying to be grateful for what I do have in this life…my mom, my brothers, my husband, my kids and my friends.

So, happy father’s day dad…I’ll love you til the end of time, and time never ends – I’ll look for you in the rising and setting sun, every hug and laugh I still get to share with mom, Johnny and Larry, and most of all, in myself, since I’m a part of you..and damn proud of it.

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I Still Miss You by Keith Anderson
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  1. Cynthia says:

    Death is so very hard and it is really, really hard to move on, and I agree, we never “get over” it when someone we cherish and love so deeply dies. There are always so many platitudes offered by well meaning friends, but the reality is that there is truly nothing anyone can say to make us feel anything other than extreme pain.

  2. Cynthia, very true – it’s a difficult and sometimes lonely process that we each have to go through in our own way

  3. I still miss my dad, and he’s been gone now 13 years. This is a special tribute from you to your dad. Keep your memories of him close in your heart. Your favorite times together will remain very special.

  4. Again, thanks so much for that kind comment Pat, much appreciated

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