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When Looking for a Country Song about Needing Inner Strength, Listen to ‘Fly’ by Maddie & Tae

You Can Learn to Fly on the Way Down (Lyrics)

Being tested in life is the only way we find our way home. Sort of sucks to hear it put so directly, but fortunately, there’s always an upside; the ‘law of balance’ says so, and although the ‘law of balance’ is an unseen, yet many times written about law, it’s very real-to-the-touch. You feel it every time you reach the other side of a crisis or, better yet when you’ve reached the top of that mountain.

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Absorbing Our Challenges Ultimately Teaches Us How to Take a Punch

If you’re in it deep right now and can’t find your way out of the current mess you asked or didn’t ask for, remember these four powerfully insightful words, ‘this too shall pass‘; it’s guaranteed to pass, and as Maddie and Tae’s lyrics beautifully explain, ‘we’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now, because you can learn to fly … on the way down‘.

Maddie and Tae’s song ‘Fly‘ expresses in a country song what we’ve heard said by many of the greatest minds of our time and before our time; Napoleon Hill (1883-1970), James Allen (1864-1912), Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), to name just a few.

Although the method of delivery can range from a song to one of history’s greatest minds, there’s a common thread in all the words … and in Maddie and Tae’s words, you hear it clearly:

“You won’t forget the heavy steps it took to let it go
Close your eyes, count to ten, hold your breath and fly

Keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break
We’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now
‘Cause you can learn to fly on the way down”

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Letting Go is the Only Way Out

It may seem impossible to live with a growing center of inner peace, yet those who have lived long before us have left a slew of information that already gives us the secret to life.

The art of letting go is the masterpiece that takes us there. If you’re ready to grow, adding ‘Fly‘  to your motivational playlist is a must. Then when you’re ready to take your learning to the next level, do yourself a huge favor and read and re-read ‘The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer’. Here’s a tidbit from the book that says it well:

The Untethered Soul,  by Michael A Singer – Chapter 8 – Let Go Now or Fall” (Quoted directly from the Book)

“People don’t understand that fear is a thing. It’s just another object in the universe that you are capable of experiencing. You can do one of two things with fear; you can recognize that you have it and work to release it, or you can keep it and try to hide from it. Because people don’t deal with fear objectively, they don’t understand it. They end up keeping their fear and trying to prevent things from happening that would stimulate it. They go through life attempting to create safety and control by defining how they need life to be in order to be okay. This is how the world becomes frightening. This may not sound frightening; it may sound safe. But it’s not. If you do this, the world truly becomes threatening. Life becomes a “me against it” situation. 


As you grow spiritually, you will realize that your attempts to protect yourself from your problems actually create more problems. If you attempt to arrange people, places, and things so they don’t disturb you, it will begin to feel like life is against you. You will feel that life is a struggle and that every day is heavy because you have to control and fight with everything.


The alternative is to decide not to fight with life. You realize and accept that life is not under your control. … There is such a thing as a life without fear. In order to relate to this possibility, we must first have a deeper understanding of fear itself.”

I’ll end the reference to this chapter in Mr. Singer’s book here and allow you the opportunity to read the book for yourself. There’s no wonder why his book is a New York Times #1 Bestseller. I’m re-reading this one for a third time and have gifted it to a few close friends as well. Just like the lyrics of a song can do, this book can change your life.

More About Maddie & Tae

For those not familiar, their names are Madison “Maddie” Marlow and Taylor “Tae” Dye. Their self-titled EP ‘Start Here’ was released November 4th, 2014. Along with the 11 songs on the EP, featured is their hit song, ‘Girl in a Country Song‘ as well as three of the new tracks co-written by them; Fly, Your Side of Town & Sierra. ‘Fly’, featured on this page, was their second single, released in January 2015.

They’ve had numerous successes in their young careers, including reaching Number 1 for Airplay in the USA with their hit song ‘Girl in a Country Song‘. ‘Fly‘ made it to position 15 on that same chart. They were also nominated for three awards at the 2015 CMT Awards; Breakthrough Video of the Year, Duo Video of the Year, and Video of the Year.

Maddie & Tae’s debut album is set for release on August 28th, 2015.

Fans of Maddie & Tae can follow and connect with them on their Website, Facebook & Twitter.

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