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Listen to An Upbeat Country Song About the Future, Brad Paisley’s ‘Welcome to the Future’

(Lyrics) ‘Hey, so many things I never thought I’d see Happening right in front of me ….’ Welcome to the Future!

Have you heard Brad Paisley’s song ‘Welcome to the Future’? The lyrics talk about the monumental changes we’ve experienced on this planet in just 40 or 50 years: TV in cars, cell phones, video games and, video chat, and so many more that it would take this entire page to list them!

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Depending upon your age, you’ll have a story of the things you remember most when you were young that are virtually non-existent today.

Don’t laugh, but I remember my grandmother’s ‘Party Line Telephone’. I think Twitter stole the concept from that!

Do you know what a Party Line Phone is? If you don’t, it works like this: You pick the phone up to dial out, but don’t count on using it right away because someone from another house may already be on it! Imagine that it’s like telephone extensions all over town …no wonder people gossiped in small towns; nothing was private. I have to admit, it was pretty cool.

My grandmother had a few other oldie items: an Outhouse and a Wringer Washing Machine! Glad I got to see that. My kids have no idea what a ‘Wringer Washing Machine’ is!

Have You Visited Disneyland’s Carousel of Progress?

As a young girl in the 1970s, I remember going through the Carousel of Progress and being incredibly interested in how technology had advanced from the day of the wooden stove to their future projections of crazy modern gadgets I could only dream of back then!

The ride is designed to give you a sense of mankind’s advancements in the home, and it’s done by you sitting in seats that move forward to each era it wants you to see. The stage shows the kitchen and living areas of the home with animated people living life in each setting for that time period. As the carousel progresses forward in time, technology advances, and you’re given an explanation of the era with animated families living life in their homes during that time.

In the 1970’s, I was shocked at what life was projected to look like in the home decades from then. They showed computers, ultra-modern appliances and the best one…people talking on the phone with the ability to see each other while they talk!! WELL, I thought that was incredible! And I remember thinking, ‘I hope I’m alive when that’s invented!’

For Me, Here Are a Few of Those Changes!

  1. There were no bank cards when I was young
  2. No Internet either – not even close!
  3. No Cell Phones
  4. No Video Games when I was a Kid
  5. I took my Ten Speed Bike everywhere!
  6. We were one of the first to get a Dishwasher
  7. I was thrilled to get a Cassette Recorder for Christmas
  8. Hipster jeans flared. With a crease please.
  9. We all gathered around the TV to watch something
  10. The sitcoms were awesome! Partridge Family, Mash, All in the Family
  11. Saturday morning cartoons were a planned event!
  12. $10 went a long way!
  13. Getting a mixed bag of candy was a big treat
  14. I walked barefoot a lot!
  15. Ordering movies via TV?? No such thing.
  16. No seat belt laws (yikes)
  17. Gas was .10 to .40 cents a gallon
  18. No metric system in Canada til 1972
  19. I was a figure skater – no such things as ‘Quad Jumps – 4 revolutions in the air’
  20. The candy was so good!
  21. Stores were closed on Sunday
  22. Banks were closed Saturday and Sunday

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