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A Country Song about the Power of the Human Spirit

The Extra Mile, by Emerson Drive – A Country Song that Speaks to Strength, Determination, and that One Extra Push You Give Yourself

Fortitude, Drive, Persistence, Never Giving Up, or a Pure Knowingness of What’s Possible – You can call it any one of these.

You’re pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself and you just don’t give a damn what tools you have to work with or are lacking; you’re doing it anyway!

It’s the pure power of spirit that gets you through. Nothing more, just pure will. You’re going the extra mile.

(Lyrics) Come on walk with me
I’m the extra mile

When you do, you’re gonna fall
And wonder why you walked at all
Young and weary and wanna stop
‘Cause every hill takes all you got

You’re exhausted, yet you find another gear and with only pure grit, you keep going. Your determination is fierce and unwavering.

Are You Doubting the Power You Possess in Your Own Human Spirit?

You’ve read about people who have incredible drive, but whether you know it or not, inside of you, this power lives. Think of a moment when you took a step forward not knowing how the hell you did it.

Passion and drive and holding onto what you know to be possible CAN override every single nay-sayer in your life.

When you know, you know. That’s what it takes to go the extra mile.

Let the Story of Helen Keller be Your Inspiration

At 19 months old Helen Keller lost her hearing and her sight from an illness. Her family was told there was little hope for this child.  Ms. Keller went on to prove what the human spirit is capable of.

Her plight is solid proof that a good teacher, especially at an early age, can literally change a young person’s life. Her teacher was Anne Sullivan. Since Helen couldn’t hear or see, Ann used another ‘sense’ as a teaching tool, touch. Ann would spell words into one of Helen’s hands while having her hold or experience the object in the other hand.

Helen Keller is now etched in American History as an accomplished author, activist, and lecturer.

She carries the unique achievement of being the first deaf and blind person to ever earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

She ploughed through her challenges and went on to author 12 books.

President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Helen Keller the Medal of Freedom in 1964.

She passed away in 1968.

A person who couldn’t see or hear left a lasting impact, and found her way to walk the extra mile.

Faith is the StrengthWhen we’re struggling through our own path, we need to remember this quote from her:

“Faith is the Strength by which a Shattered World Shall Emerge into the Light”

The Extra Mile Isn’t Just About Overcoming Physical Challenges

Your struggles may have nothing to do with a physical challenge.

You’ve been hurt, yet you decided to love the person anyway. You’ve been cast aside for someone else, yet you’ve found it in your heart to forgive. Without even knowing it, you’ve gone that extra mile.

When you think you can’t forgive, think again, when you think you can’t go on another day, think again, when you think you don’t have the ability or the talent to achieve your dreams, think about the story of Helen Keller, and think again.

(Lyrics) I’m that smile you give a stranger
When you’d rather turn your head
I’m that book you read your children
When you’d rather be in bed

I’m forgiveness that you give
When you don’t think you can
Forgive somebody one more time

 I’m that sacrifice you make
For someone you don’t know
I’m that teardrop for the soldier
You read about at home

I’m that love you give somebody
Who doesn’t give it back
Come on walk with me a while, I’m the extra mile

Will You Ever Be Recognized for Going That Extra Mile?

You know you’ve pushed through incredible odds, and in the end, that’s what matters. Accolades, honors and prizes aren’t the measurement of the man/woman. The measure is held inside and possessed by you, yet gifted to those around you.

Inside of you … what YOU feel about YOU …. THIS is the measurement that matters.

As the song says:

“At the end there’s no parade,

Just you and me to celebrate,

How far you’ve come by choosin’ me,

How you ignore those tired feet, 

Being more than what you see

Takes all of you, and one of me, 

Come on walk with me”

I’m the extra mile

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The Extra Mile

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  1. Ruth Cox says:

    I Believe in The Extra Mile! We all need that special being, someone to walk with us. And, we all need to be that for someone else. Yes, some of us have that within our own spirit, but some do not. Songs like this help us continue on with doing what we gotta do to get the job done.

  2. Ruth, thanks for the visit and taking the time to comment, that alone is the extra mile 🙂 – couldn’t agree more with what you articulated as well

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