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A Country Song About Walking in Someone’s Shoes

If It Was That Easy, by Bobby Wills is a country song that delivers a powerful message about how it’s easy to criticize when you’re sitting on the sidelines of life, ‘but everything changes when the pressure is on you’.

‘Anyone Can Throw a Touchdown from their own Easy Chair, It’s a Whole Different Game When It’s You Out There’ – A Powerful Lyric

When I first heard this song, the lyrics hit me immediately. In what seems to be a world of constant criticism and endless opinion, this song reminds us that actually ‘doing the task …. whether it’s hitting a home run, winning a game, or bringing a crowd to their feet …. is a lot harder than just evaluating and assessing it from the bleachers. Bobby Wills starts the song using generic life accomplishments like the ones outlined above, then ties the song’s message to a couple’s troubled relationship where other people feel he should leave her, but as the song so clearly says, ‘he’d be long over her by now, if it were that easy’.

‘From the Outside Looking In, You Think You Know What I Should Do, It’s a Hell of a Lot Harder When You’re Standing in My Shoes’ – Lyrics That Say it Straight

Isn’t that the truth! In a 140 Character World, oversimplification seems to be the new norm. Perhaps we should actively put ourselves in someone else’s shoes before we draw any conclusions or make any assessments about them, otherwise pretty soon we’ll need an ‘Arm Chair Critics Holiday”

About Bobby Wills

Bobby Wills is a talented Canadian Country Music Singer-Songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. His first album, ‘Man With No Past’ was an independent release that produced four singles. In 2012, ‘If It Was That Easy’ was released, and features four singles, ‘Somebody Will’, ‘If It Was that Easy’, ‘Show Some Respect’, and ‘When it Comes to You’. His latest album release in 2014 is entitled, ‘Crazy Enough’. He’s received numerous accolades and in 2013 won The Canadian Country Music Rising Star Award. You can find more about Bobby Wills here on his Website.

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If It Was That Easy, by Bobby Wills
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