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A Country Song About What’s Important In Life

When a Large Dose of Perspective is Needed, Listen to A Country Song about What’s Important  in Life – ‘This Ain’t Nothin’ by Craig Morgan

Get the tissues out, this one’s powerful

We build a life, we create a home, and in one blasting gust of a wicked whirlwind, our house and possessions are spread out in pieces almost over an entire county. Can you even imagine something as horrible as this or the suffering of those who have had to go through such an ordeal?

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While respecting the plight of those who have felt the wrath of mother nature, this song explains loss through the eyes of an old man on a much deeper level. By the time you’re finished watching the video, you’ll be shedding tears, but it won’t be for his home that’s left in a pile of rubble.

(Lyrics) He said, ‘Tell the folks please mister, what are you gonna do, now that this twister has taken all that’s dear to you”

The older man calmly explains to the reporter that he lost his dad when he was eight years old, his baby brother years ago, as well as his best friend. As a veteran, the lyrics go on to explain another loss he’s suffered: his left hand.

He tells that reporter that ‘he learned at an early age that there’s things that matter and things that don’t.’ However, you become even more part of the older man’s life when he begins to speak of his greatest loss, his greatest love, his wife of 50 years.

(Lyrics) “…And last year I watched my loving wife, of fifty years waste away and die, And I held her hand til her heart of gold stopped pumping, Yeah boy that’s something … So this ain’t nothin”

As I’m sure many of you can, I can relate to this. My Mom lost my father. They were married for over 50 years. When I think of her sitting in her chair in our family home with dad’s empty chair beside her …. well, let’s say it’s the kind of pain that, so long as I live and beyond, cannot be explained, only felt. One day, quite unexpectedly and very quietly, Mom said, ‘It’s like you’ve been cut in half, and you can’t ever get that part of you back again.’ (An update: in 2021, Mom joined Dad in heaven – I miss them both beyond words)

Coming at us in multiple directions are things that, in the end, will make no difference whatsoever to who we are and why we are here. Craig Morgan’s song says it all … ‘this stuff ain’t nothin’

The two things that count the most are the love we give and how we’ve made people feel. When we think about our loved ones lost, it isn’t what they owned or how much money they had or didn’t have that we remember – It’s how they made us feel and the love we carry inside.

Do you love someone so deeply that you know in your soul you are who you are because they’ve been a part of your life? That’s the kind of love this older man is messaging. Although most of us won’t go through a horrific twister or other disasters, the song teaches us about what, in the end, will matter: those we’ve loved.

Life is a gift, and when we’re tired and not really sure how to get through another day, that’s the best time for us to remember to go hug someone we love, because one day, if they pass before we do, like this old man’s wife did, we won’t be able to, and in the end ‘that’s somethin’….’ the stuff ain’t nothin’.

About This Ain’t Nothin by Craig Morgan

This Ain’t Nothin was released in January 2010 as the fourth single from Craig Morgan’s album, ‘That’s Why,’ and was written by Chris DuBois and Kerry Kurt Phillips. Fans of Craig Morgan can find more about him on his Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Susan says:

    Always in need of reminders about what’s important in life. This is a great song, as so many country artists can produce. And great review as well.

  2. It’s a story of perseverance in a way only made possible with love on your side. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks Susan, appreciate that

  4. It sure is – and to think many people have endured things like this as well – thanks Pat

  5. Cynthia says:

    Ain’t that the truth!!! What a great song and a great reminder about what and who is really important in this life.

  6. Thanks Cynthia, it’s such a powerful message

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