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A Relaxing Country Song about the Beach

Days of Gold (Deluxe Edition)Days of Gold (Deluxe Edition)

Beachin’ by Jake Owen reminds me of my pretty blonde-haired stepdaughter – She loves her beach holidays, and why not, especially during our cold Canadian winters

Whenever I see this video, I picture her having fun in the sun, relaxing, and enjoying her well-thought-out and planned holiday! The lyrics say it nicely…‘ White sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strolling, Chillin’, breezing, sippin’, singin’ whoa, beachin’…

Oh yes, I do live vicariously through her beach holiday photos of her ‘Beachin’ blasts! There was a time not too long ago – ok, it was long ago when I was living those funnin’ sunnin’ holidays. Until I get back to the ocean, I’ll enjoy reading and watching her sea-shelling adventures as much as she does.

Beachin’ – A Country Song About the Beach

If you’re looking to watch a relaxing video, Beachin’ is the blood-pressure reducing one to choose. As we head out of the winter months towards spring and summer, you can taste the beer and feel the sand in your toes. Go ahead, put the song on full volume, and dance in the kitchen.

It’s a fun video featuring a couple having a suntanned, white sand holiday doing all the things we love to do on a relaxing vacation; nothing much – funnin’, sippin’ dancin’!

The ocean, the waves, the sand, and the beach chairs remind this Canadian gal what the world looks like without snow – And I think I’m ready for summer now.

About Country Music Artist Jake Owen

Jake Owen was born on August 28th, 1981, and his birth name is Joshua Ryan Owen. He released his first Album entitled Startin’ with Me in 2006, the year he was signed with RCA Records in Nashville. Three singles released from that AlbumAlbum did very well, reaching the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. His second AlbumAlbum, Easy Does It, released in 2009, also did very well with an additional release of three more singles. His first number one song came in 2011 from his song Barefoot Blue Jean Night from the Album of the same name.

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