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Country Songs about Best Friends

Country Songs about Best FriendsHere You’ll Find a Growing List of Country Songs about Fun, Laughter and Dependable Best Friends – Some Lovers, Some Just Friends

The Video Playlist features choice country songs about best friends that pertain to friends in love, loyal best friends, the loss of a friend, and just plain partying and fun with best friends.

No need to run around the internet like a one-legged cat in a sandbox when you can find a brief description of the song, get the song itself, as well as listen to it, all from one place.

Whether you need a country song about a friend for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or party, the selection here covers all these bases and more!

Preview of Songs About Friends

About the First 4 Songs in the Playlist:

Find Out Who Your Friends Are, by Tracy Lawrence

The perfect best friend country song! The lyrics talk about how you find out who your friends are. When you’re in a pinch or in need of help, your true friends drop everything and show up. Great song.

Good Friend and a Glass of Wine by Leann Rimes

A song about needing a break from life: it’s time to get together with a good friend, share a drink, a shoulder to cry on, and maybe some girl talk. No need for a holiday, just a night out with a good friend.

Me and My Gang, Rascal Flatts

A rocking country song perfect for parties – An anthem of sorts with beer, geeks, freaks, and bonfires. A fun song choice to boost anyone’s mood. As the song says, ‘Raise your hand if you all wanna hang with me.’

Last One Standing by Emerson Drive

This song goes back to Emerson Drive’s earlier days, but it was one of my favorite songs. I remember thinking about my friend when this song came out, and how she could count on me, that ‘I would be the last one standing.’ Terrific lyrics if you need a song that shows dedication and promise, and loyalty to a friend.

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