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Country Song about Complicated Love – You’ve Fallen in Love with a Friend, Now What?

I Wanna Hold You Close; I Wanna Push You Away – Lyric in the beautiful song ‘Complicated’ by Carolyn Dawn Johnson

This song speaks of feelings graduating from friends to something more. If you’ve ever been confused about your feelings for someone, these lyrics will resonate with you. You care for them, yet you’re not sure whether you should tell them how you feel; as the words clearly say, ‘Should I tell you how I feel…I want you to know, but it’s so complicated’.

When I Think I’m under Control, I Think I Finally Got a Grip, Another Friend Tells Me That My Name is Always on Your Lips

Sometimes friends can make the best love match as this country song about complicated love discusses. One friend is secretly attracted to the other, and she doesn’t know whether she should reveal her emotions.

Relationships are complicated, there’s no doubt about it, and this song asks a fair question; do I pursue my friend and risk the friendship, or do I play it safe and keep things the way they are. If you’re actually in this conundrum, you can try this fun marriage quiz.

About Carolyn Dawn Johnson?

Carolyn Dawn Johnson is an award-winning Canadian Country Music Singer-Songwriter from Grand Prairie Alberta. She’s had numerous hits, including the poignant and gorgeous song Dress Rehearsal. Her wins include Female Artist of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards in 2012. You can find more information about Carolyn Dawn Johnson on her website.

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